Monday, February 20, 2006

Two Words: Strunk, White

Reading Zygote Daddy's blog late one night is what motivated me to get serious about this blog. There were several elements of his blog that struck a chord with me as I read it, and then, when I read his bio, I had a feeling that I knew why. I read his bio to see just who this guy was, and to make sure that I wan't pointing dear readers to and boosting the Google ranking of a nascent Rush Limbaugh. That, of course, wasn't the case, so I added him to my feed subscription, and have been a regular reader ever since. I think that you might like ZD too; he's a nascent ecologist, left coast transplant, future dad (cue Rush, ". . .and a neeeeeeew woooooooorld man"), and a man after my own heart.

This trend must run in dad bloggers, for while I am in no way a grammar nerd like MetroDad is, there is something inherently beautiful to me about elegant writing. I consider Billy Collins the high priest of what Strunk & White preached. There is a beautiful restraint in what he writes. Try, for example, his account of chopping parsley, or learn why he doesn't keep a gun in his house.

Mama and I both love his work, having seen him at his Poet Laureate reading at the Library of Congress, where he signed a book to Mama. She insisted that he sign it to me, but I have some of those already, from the dusty days of college, when Prof. Peters introduced me to Collins and his work.

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