Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update from Brother #2

He did hit snow around Mono Lake.

Well, it's what Californians call snow. It looks more like some of the desert dirt got bleached by the sun, but fine, call it snow if it makes you feel like it's winter.

Regardless of the snow, that is a beautiful spot, and how cool is that stitched together panorama? I don't know if he did it in the new camera or on the computer (I'm sure he'll let us know), but it's cool either way.

We have the older version of his camera, which came with some software that allows stitching together like that. . .if you have a PC. However, we don't traffic in those toy computers, so unless they've released software that we can use with our camera and our real computer (read: Mac), we can't have this kind of fun.

I also took a picture of some snow. This was Monday morning, when Barky and I walked down to the veterans' park near our house. It's hard to see the snowmen, but there were two out there. The morning light was pretty, reflecting off the frozen puddles, but man, it was cold.
I was pretty impressed with Barky; he didn't mark the snowmen or get scared by them. Mama had him down in the neighborhood one day and they came across a snowman about this height--two feet tall--and he put up his hackles, barked, backed away, lunged, and generally raised a racket until he saw that he was safe and resumed sniffing around.

To his credit, he generally remembers these things for a few weeks or months, which is, I'm sure, why he didn't hassle these two little guys, who weren't long for this earth anyway. We're back to daytime temps in the mid 50s, with some rain perhaps due soon. It's almost a winter that a Californian like me can enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    we stopped at Mono on our way to Tahoe last fall. Really cool lake. Oh and it is sunny and in the 70s here,Vegas, bring on the snow karma!!!!!

    And the new Bela CD came out yesterday!!!! Very tasty stuff.