Friday, February 17, 2006

Yes. Yes they do, Mr. Yeti.

Yeti Don't Dance asks, in light of their new assertion that copying music from a CD to an iPod is copyright infringement, if the RIAA eats babies.

I don't know for a fact if they eat their young, so I can't deny or confirm that. However, from my observations, they appear to be on a scorched earth campaign to cheat, bankrupt, and abuse their customer base. Otherwise, why would they conspire to charge $20 for a product that costs $10 elsewhere, then sue, sue, sue anyone who buys it from them and attempts to use it?

If the RIAA is watching all of us, who is watching them? Turns out that it's not just Dick Cheney's band of thieves that's watching, everyone is, including the NY Attorney General.

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