Sunday, March 12, 2006

Are we cheapskates?

Guess where we went yesterday to get a crib mattress? And guess where we got to park. We were excited to finally get to use one; these spaces at Target are always full.

It was our first foray into Babies R Us, or BRU, as everyone seems to refer to them. It was a quick trip since Mama had done all of the research and knew exactly what we were going in for. We found it, grabbed a mattress pad and a sheet and headed for the register.

OK, OK, OK, it wasn't exactly that quick. We did look around to see what these sheet protectors are that Baby Bargains is talking about. We think we found what they were referring to, but still opted for the mattress pad. We also looked at some receiving blankets, a sleep sack, a tiny little armchair, a toy chest, some clothes, and a cute Winnie the Pooh dressed as an Easter bunny--but then we were outta there.

There is a lot of temptation in these stores--BRU, Buy Buy Baby, etc.--for parents and expectant parents alike. As it is, all of those items that grabbed our eyes were just those that we saw on our way into and out of the mattress section. On the one hand, it all seems like so much fun; on the other hand, we're not made of money. Back on the first hand, we've been socialized as good consumerists--shopping will win the war on terror, better in the red than dead, and so on--which leads to some guilt as we pass by all of these great products.

And, also maybe we also harbor some guilt for not buying the most expensive item imaginable, opting for something that is just as functional, but not nearly as much money. Because if something costs more money, it's better at whatever it does, right? And, don't we want what's best for Baby Boy Bradstein?

I told you that we've been socialized well.

All of that, plus the fact that we have now purchased the almost cheapest car seat, crib, and mattress, are probably what led Mama to ask, as we stood in line, "Are we cheapskates with Baby?"

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