Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brother, can you spare a couscous french fry?

I'm not half the housewife that MetroDad is, although I am certainly the cook in the house. That's not to dis Mama's cooking. Of late, she's been whipping up mean omelettes some mornings--we vegetarians, especially the pregnant one, need our protein. Everything she cooks is delicious, but she just doesn't cook as much as I do.

Now that Mama got her big promotion to Associate Director, and as Baby Boy Bradstein keeps getting bigger, she's going to have less time and energy to hustle around the kitchen. When BBB comes along, I'll be doing even more cooking, although I think that I'll only be able to aspire to the levels that MetroDad has reached with his six-course meals for the Peanut.

It's not just the cooking, but the presentation. How can the Peanut resist hot dog and snow peas?

More important: Will MetroDad be releasing a cookbook anytime soon? Get a show on the Food Network? Make house calls? Cook for parents too?

After her time in Korea, Mama loves any good Korean food that she can get, like the kimbap or bebimbap--provided we can find it without fishies or other meats in it. So, a cookbook for all of us househusbands would really help.

While you're waiting for MetroDad to swoop into your kitchen and fill your plate with delicacies, go feast your eyes on his creations.

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