Sunday, March 12, 2006

The happy couple, kickin' it

After watching the amateurs, Deborah and Dave finished their warmup, including calisthenics mandated by the Reinheitsgebot, and took over barrel kicking duties.

Both eyed the approaching barrel with anticipation and trepidation--would they succeed? would the barrel crush their toes, forcing them to hobble down the aisle on crutches? is this really how the Germans do it?

At last, the barrel arrived . . . and departed . . . then arrived again . . . and departed . . .


Congratulations to Deborah and Dave for (and thanks to Olivia and Ashley for organizing) such a great party. If they can master coordinated beer barrel kicking, I'm sure that they'll have no trouble mastering this whole marriage thing.

Mama, Baby, and I enjoyed the friends, the fun, and the beer. Although, I hope for Mama's sake that Baby didn't take notice of her barrel kicking technique--his kicks have been fierce enough recently; he doesn't need to get all Kukkiwon on us.

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