Friday, March 31, 2006

The luckiest dog alive

Today--and for the next several days--Barky is the luckiest dog alive.

While he's lounging around the house, being spoiled by his aunt--which is as it should be--Mama and I are on the road. This pic is your first clue to where we are.

What's the prize for the winning guess? I dunno. A weekend with Barky?


  1. Second clue: As I got near the end, I started to hear voices. Strange lights surrounded me, and I could see I was coming toward a brighter light, as if I were about to come out the end of a long tunnel. The voices were soothing, reassuring, but they told me the end was approaching.

  2. And I heard Agent Cooper telling me to go toward the light, the owls weren't what they seemed, and then I realized that we weren't in Twin Peaks either.

    There, clue number two.