Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Orange Crush vs. Rice Daddies

MetroDad is all about breaking down stereotypes of his peeps with his new group blog, Rice Daddies, but at least he's got cooler stereotypes than someone whose peeps are mostly known for

  • living in a country that should be underwater
  • a painter who lopped part of his ear off
  • becoming an orange crush mob every four years during Olympic speed skating
After all, geek is chic.

Orange cowboy hats? Not so much with the chic. Although we do know how to drop the whup ass bombs on the ice.

But seriously, congrats to him and all the other Rice Daddies for doing that. Stereotypes are an impediment to communication and divide communities, and we are always in need of more of both communication and united communities.

I say that in part because I hope that the Baby Boy Bradstein will grow up in a world with more of both, but also as a reminder to myself that if BBB is going to inherit that world, I've got to help make it; I've got to press myself to be better.

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