Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Raising Baby on bunny food

So, Mama and I are both vegetarians. We eat eggs and dairy, try to eat a well-rounded and balanced diet, and our doctors have had no concerns about our nutrition before and during pregnancy, other than to put Mama on a standard prenatal vitamin, which they do for all expectant mothers.

Our questions start with the birth of Baby Boy Bradstein. We both agree that if BBB wants to eat meat, that's his choice to make, although we won't be offering it to him--and, it's pretty much up to me to prepare it if he does, since Mama has no experience preparing meat. I'm happy to do that, although I think it will be a bit odd, like keeping an orthodox kosher kitchen--except rather than keeping meat and milk separate, we'll be keeping meat and everything else separate.

Even if he does become a carnivore, he won't really be asking for meat until he's eating elsewhere, and he's able to voice his desire for meat. So, for the first few years, he'll be pretty much a de facto vegetarian. That, in and of itself doesn't concern either of us too much. There are plenty of healthy vegetarian and vegan kids.

If you have doubts about that, you really need to spend some time drooling over the Vegan Lunch Box. I made the mistake of checking it out for the first time during an after work dentist appointment, which made me late for dinner, so my hunger was raging as scrolled through a seemingly endless litany of delectable and attractive treats. Come to think of it, this site may help Metro Dad, even if Peanut's not a vegan. (She's becoming a Jedi now, which is sort of like a vegan, but without all the pesky dietary restrictions . . . waitaminnit . . .)

Anyway, back on track here . . . in spite of all that logic that just laid out and that I can talk myself through, I still have some trepidation about raising Baby Boy Bradstein on rabbit food. Thinking about it today, I got to wondering if that's because I can't picture what it will be like, having had no role models for it. Or, perhaps I don't buy all my logical reasoning, and I just go with the gut reaction--BBB needs meat to grow.

I think that more than believing BBB needs meat to grow, I don't know what BBB needs to grow, and I'm scared that I'll leave something vital out, and he'll end up with, like, no fingernails or something.

So, I'll keep you updated on how the rabbit food rearing, and preparing for it, goes. In the meantime, if you find any useful or relevant info on raising a baby on a bunny's diet, don't hold back, man. Give up the goods.

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