Monday, March 27, 2006

Really, we love him

Baby Boy Bradstein can't charge us for the therapy bills resulting from this one. It's a gift from my boss (from TWOP--I also like the "For Sale By Owner--$75 OBO" and "Yeah, I was in the shit" shirts). Of course, it was my bright idea to tuck a treat under the shirt and get a picture of Barky sniffing around BBB. Probably won't even need the treat for that.

The back story is that her parents breed Schipperkes, so we're always talking about dogs. For me, the story going further back is that when I was in Australia, it wasn't too long after A Cry in the Dark came out.

OK, it was several years after that, but the Aussies couldn't stop squawking, "A dingo ate my baby!" in their best bad Aussie accent, a la Meryl Streep. I had never seen the movie, and so was no judge of the quality of her accent, although the consensus there was that it had been terrible.

At any rate, it was a bit odd to hear Aussies, speaking with their native accent, then break into an imitation of an American attempting an Aussie accent. A vocal hall of mirrors . . . echo chamber?

Anyway, when BBB brings us this therapy bill, we'll pass it along to the boss.

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