Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sleeping like a baby...

..speaking of sleeping like a baby, guess what we have now.

No, not a baby yet, but we do have a place for baby to lay his head...almost.

The thing is, see, they sell cribs without mattresses, so we have the crib, the trundle drawer that goes under it, the blanket that Sister #2 made for Baby Boy Bradstein, and even the mobile that plays music, spins little bears around and vibrates the crib...but we don't have the mattress for him yet.

Soon, though. Real soon.

And, before you ask, because I asked--the vibrating is not to get the kid ready for a life of sleeping in sketchy hotels, but to (theoretically) help with colic, if we are so blessed. Not that there's an increased chance of that because Mama was colicky or anything (there is).

And, somehow the crib and trundle drawer together took only about 45 minutes to put together, but the mobile has two full pages of directions that are written in, like, eight-point type. It involves, wires, a few hundred tiny parts, assembly of silicon chips, soldering together a sand castle, and some other steps, so it may take awhile before we get that set up. But, BBB can get to sleep without that--so long as we get that mattress.

While we're talking about the oddities of cribs, let me explain to those who aren't parents how freakishly lucky we were to walk out of Le Target with a crib. From everything we've read and seen in stores--namely that cribs are not only not kept in stock, they all see to be made in a small town in Italy, where workers spend eleven hours every day perfecting bocce ball, smoking, and drinking wine and coffee out of impossibly small glasses and cups, allowing them time to make one crib every seond blue moon--we were expecting to go in only to order a crib that would arrive in six to eight to ten to twelve weeks, depending on the store, the manufacturer, the phase of the moon, and so on. We were actually looking around for a way to order our crib when Mama happened to notice the one last crib that was in stock...that was the model that we wanted...that was the color that we wanted. We took it and ran...well, shuffled along (it's not that heavy, but it was a bit awkward).

To all the parents who are out there looking for cribs, two things: we're sorry for making it look so easy; and boo-yah! we got ours.

I of luck to you in your search. Really. Because if I'm not sincere about that wish, we won't be able to find a mattress until BBB is heading out to college.

Instant karma's a real pain in the ass.


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    The Kings dad makes cribs. He has a very nice woodworking area and has made cribs rocking horses and desks for all the great grandkids now. I guess he gets it from his dad who was a violin maker. He even made gear racks for us at the Foolies.

  2. Bummer that we didn't know that or we woulda' ordered one up, with a peanut butter and 'nana sammich. Mmmm. Sammich. Now that you mention it, I recall the gear racks at the Foolies. So, with all that history, how did you end up with such fat fingers, King?

  3. From all of the mommy blogs I've heard of the crib shopping nightmare - so I'm very happy for you guys! A vibrating crib... Sounds like fun! Ha! Listening to a baby cry is maddening (to me) so if its cry was all vibraty I think it might actually make me laugh! Might.

  4. Yeah, I didn't want to recount all the horror stories that we've read, but we felt like we'd won the lottery when we found this one, after all that we'd read about other parents' trials and tribulations in their crib searches.

    I'm still not sure about the vibrating crib. It's a little too much like those hotel beds that you put a quarter in to get them to vibrate . . . and that skeeb you out so much that you end up sleeping in your car anyway.

    I hadn't considered what it would sound like if the boy keeps crying while it's vibrating. Would it be like talking into a fan? Hm. We hope to never know. But, knowing that you find it amusing, we'll be sure to have you babysit on the crying nights.