Monday, March 06, 2006

What's in a name?

We think that we have it bad trying to come up with two names. That's nothing on what folks in Iceland have to go through. (And, yeah, we took note about Virginia. We'll have to get out of here before BBB becomes his own cousin or something.) I do admit some envy, however, because at least there are rules for them to follow.

The Icelandic scheme isn't that far off from my peeps scheme (ignore Napoleon's decree at the top and scroll on down to the Naming Conventions section). However, the Dutch forgot to vary their names significantly in certain areas, so you end up with multiple generations of Jan Janssens. Actually, where we were looking for our ancestors was in Friesland, where we found that almost the whole village had the same name--Jan Janssen--for hundreds of years.

Although, it would save us the trouble of picking a name.


  1. I think the baby's name should be Brad Bradstein. Or Einstein Bradstein. Or Frank.

  2. And I thought that you'd want him to be Banana Bradstein. . .

  3. Nah, that would just get too confusing. :-) Unlike Brad. That would be very easy to remember.