Monday, March 27, 2006

Where have we been?

I know, we've not been posting regularly recently. (And when I say "we," I mean "I.") There are several tedious reasons that aren't worth going into, and then there are some great reasons, worth some pictures and a little explanation. There are even pics of Mama in here, so you can see how great she looks now, at week 24.5/25.

Fair warning: we'll also be AWOL over April Fool's weekend. We may have time for some posts, but probably not many. (Again, when I say "we," I mean "I.") You could at least pretend that you care. Then again, we can't see you. As you were.

We got there plenty early, having been asked to drive the bride and groom to and from the wedding, which we were glad to do, since that was our only official duty and contribution to the wedding.

It was a nice drive out to the location, a beautiful park in Vienna. The day was a bit brisk, but we were indoors, except for during the prewedding picture session, when Mama and I were coat grips for the bride and her sister. Before the photos, though, Dave had to get his boutonniere pinned on. It included a slip of rosemary, as did the bouquets, making for a beautiful, full aroma from all of them.

All of the flowers were beautiful . . .

. . . including those that grow at the park. These are inside, but even the flowers outside had started to bloom.

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