Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who are you? Who Who? Who Who?

Yeah, I really have no idea who I am anymore. When I was a boy, Dad and I would ogle nice cars together, particularly during our summers in Newport Beach, where Rolls Royces are a dime a dozen.

A car like a Rolls would get us to turn our heads, but the ones we walked over to and looked into the windows of to see the dash--how high does that speedo go?--were the fast cars. Ferraris are also common in SoCal, but they're worth a look, particularly the more rare models. Porsches are always nice to look at because the engineering is always so clean, new or old, although they're not unusual in Newport. The holy grail would have been to find an Aston Martin with Dad. I'm sure that he fell in love with them because that's what Bond used to drive in the books--before he got modernized and started driving around a Saab 900 turbo. The pre-GM Saab, of course. I've only found a few as an adult, all of which have required close inspection. They are sooo nice. My favorite, of course, is the one that's all tricked out, Bond style, at the Spy Museum in DC. If only they would let it out for test rides . . .

But, that was then. This is now, when my lust for fast cars has been replaced with car questions like, "Does this model have cup holders that will hold sippy cups? Juice boxes? Does it have LATCH attachments for car seats?" Yes, an Aston Martin would still turn my head, but I don't know if I'd spend an hour on their website, as I just did on the Community Playthings site, looking at cool wooden trucks (the semi comes with two villagers--can we get one with two Village People, or do we have to dress them ourselves?), dramatic play kits (I'm guessing this doesn't come with the Village People costumes either), and sweet wooden cribs.

Yes, we do already have a crib. Yes, we are happy with it . . . well there is the one wheel bit that we have to call the manufacturer about, but it's not a thing . . . we even have a mattress, mattress pad, and a sheet for it. Yes, just one sheet so far. We're starting slowly. And that's just it--I'm ogling cribs even though we already have one that we're perfectly happy with. Shouldn't I be spending that time ogling cars or tools or at least bike parts? This is what happens--when you become a dad, you are all of sudden two people: you and dad-you. And it's not easy being in that spot. I'm honestly not sure what I would do if we walked by a storefront display of Community Playthings swag as an Aston Martin drove by.

Where should I look? Who would win out? Me or dad-me? Good Kirk or shirtless Kirk?

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