Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 3

This is the kitchen that we woke up to this morning. We slept in too late to get to yoga this morning, so it's straight to IKEA for us, to buy our cabinets. We also have to pick up a sink, faucet, lighting fixture, bar stools, over-the-range microwave, and stacking washer/dryer. We'll probably get that last two at Sears, or somewhere other than IKEA, so that's another trip. Then there's the trip we need to take to Goodwill, to get rid of the piles of discards in our foyer. Those tumbling piles include scores of CDs that I finally imported into iTunes just in case we want to hear them again, but that we won't mourn--or probably even miss--if we lost them forever. We could probably get $.50 for each, but that would mean a trip to another store, and we have our hands pretty full buying a kitchen this weekend.


  1. Uh, yeah. Time to post to the blog at 8:28 and 10:46, but no time for yoga. Guess we know where your prana's focused.

    A cup o' your best and a No. 3--

    No. 2

  2. Here's the thing, bro. . .I got up extra early, made some coffee, which only took 12 trips between kitchen and bedroom for all the necessary parts, then sat down and started surfing and writing.

    I got a little carried away with both until it was too late to go to yoga, at which time Mama awoke with a start, realizing that I hadn't gotten her up in time. So, yeah, my prana wasn't exactly focused--but that's why we go to yoga: to get some focus.

    To paraphrase Dodger's fans, maybe next week.