Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day six. Tomorrow we rest, right?

Fat chance that we'll get any rest anytime soon. There's so much going on that I don't know where to begin, and I'm not really sure that there's an end in site. Let's start counting and see how high we get . . . so to speak.

  1. We have no kitchen.

  2. As a result of everything--fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc.--being moved out of the kitchen and the contractor's tools being moved into our house, we also have no dining room (more of an area than a room, really), living room, foyer, or hallway.

  3. As a result of our kitchen being moved into 3B's room, he has no room. Fortunately, he's not here to know that. Or to need the room.

  4. When someone talks about "all the grains of sand on all the beaches in all the world," what they're describing is how many grains of dust will infest your house during a kitchen renovation. We're Swiffing and vacuuming every night and still everything feels gritty--the floor, the dog, my eyes. These better be some nice cabinets.

  5. We're having a baby. Oh yeah, that.

  6. As a result of knowing nothing about childbirth and not having gotten or read any books about that whole water-breaks, dash-to-the hospital, baby-arrives sequence, we're taking a childbirth class, which stared tonight. Fortunately for us and for 3B, it covers what to do when the baby comes home too.

  7. The class was fun, the teacher is good at making everyone feel comfortable. She's been involved in or actually delivering babies since 1980. At my age, that doesn't seem that long, since wasn't it 1980 last year? Actually, it was 26 years ago, so she knows what she's doing. The other kids in class seem nice too. Nobody ran with scissors. With half the class being 28 weeks pregnant or more, there wasn't a whole lot of running going on, scissors or not.

  8. We stopped off for frozen custard at the Dairy Godmother (formerly the Dreamery until big bad Nestle sued their tiny little asses into a new name) in Del Ray, which you must stop at when you come to visit his royal cuteness. We mean 3B, once he's here, not Barky, no matter what Barky may tell you. We also got Barky a puppy pop, which is a frozen ice creamesque treat that he loves, because he's been so calm and good during all of this chaos.

  9. This kindness on our part meant, of course, that Barky had gotten into some sort of trouble while we were out. I didn't take incriminating pictures (or put circles, arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each one), but the scene is pretty simple to describe: drywall mud bucket tipped over with dirty brown water splashed across the kitchen floor and our brand new grout--staining the grout, of course--tile fragments strewn about along with remnants of corn cob, napkins, and bags from the contractor's lunch at Popeye's. Here's hoping that Barky didn't eat any chicken bones.

  10. The contractor does turn her phone off at night, so I did call and leave a message asking that they please remove any food trash from our house at the end of every day. She had already left her lunch overnight, which he then wolfed down the next morning after we left and before she arrived. This means that not only is he sluggish all the time, having eaten too much food, and people food at that, he is pooping up a storm. Again, probably good practice for what 3B will do, but still not fun to be the ones cleaning up a poop storm.

  11. Speaking of cleaning up someone else's mess, just today I had to wipe my Treo with a hard reset, to stop it from the relentless resetting it was engaging in. It was resetting probably every 10 minutes or so, and I'd already deleted any programs that might be causing it, tweaked settings, run warm reboots, etc. Got a message from my Mama today that apparently my phone has even been calling her at 4 or 5 in the morning her time. She can hear me talking, so I'm carrying it around, totally unaware that it's placing calls. I wonder who else it's been calling. What has it been saying to them? Has it been playing the ponies? Buying lottery tickets? Could I already be a winner? But seriously, Mom wasn't too thrilled, as you can imagine. Nothing like getting a crank call from your own son. Or his phone. So, I'm spending my next few days slowly adding applications back to it--e-mail was the first, because it's stable and because it's the killer app for the Treo. And not the anemic VersaMail that comes with it. ChatterMail. It's still a bit kludgey with Gmail, but that's only because Gmail won't run IMAP servers. Still, now that I'm used to it, it's the only way to fly. Anyway, that's been fun right after the iPod/iTunes wiped out all the songs in all but one of our playlists. Say what? No idea, we just had to move on.

  12. Move on to what, you ask? Our taxes are done, thanks to Mama, so geez, whatever could we have to move on to? How about . . .

  • the washer and dryer

  • oh, and the microwave

  • oh, and the floor tiles--fixing up that stained grout

  • and then we'll have to get the water shut off to our end of the building to install all of that

  • not to mention plugging all of those pipes in through the wall

  • after which we can probably paint, but first the walls need to be replaced after all that plumbing

  • then primed and the ceiling cleaned

  • and we'd make some calls to friends for support when we were perched on the open end of the couch, if only there was a place to plug in a phone

  • although we do have our cell phones, except mine keeps resetting itself in the middle of calls

. . .and that's this week's kitchen projects.

Next week we get into
  • the building of the washer/dryer alcove

  • installing the island

  • getting power turned back on to those random parts of the house that don't have it

  • assembling and hanging the cabinets

  • and a few other things, like waiting for our countertops to arrive in stock and get delivered.

Or, should I have counted that last one as more than one item?

But really, wah, wah, wah for us.

We brought this on ourselves, we knew it was going to be a mess, and at least we have the blessing through good luck, good friends, and great families to have a home to renovate.

The silver lining is the house that surrounds the cloud of dust emanating from the kitchen right now.

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  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Ahhh Officer Obie and Arlo would be proud the way you snuck that line in there. Also do you think your treo is becoming like one of those wack robots in WestWorld? CREEPY.

    TCB baby.