Friday, April 21, 2006

Exiles feed on hope. -Aeschylus

As exiles from our kitchen, we are feeding on the hope that we will someday get back in there. That hope is fed, in turn, by the progress that we see every day in our kitchen. Some days it's more obvious--tiling the floor, for example--and other days, like yesterday--new pipes for the corner sink and the washer/dryer--it's hard to see unless you look closely.

You can now feed your need to stay up-to-date on all of it with our new Kitchen remodel 2006 feed. It's just photos, without captions, and some are just for record-keeping, in case there are questions later on such as "Where does this pipe tie in?" or "What wires are behind all of this?" But, knowing that you're watching now, I'll try to include some that show the overall progress that our kitchen makes toward restoration, which will allow you to track our progress back toward sanity.

Wondering what a feed is? Wonder no more. Also, Auntie Banana has a pretty good piece on her discovery of feeds that explains why feeds are cool.

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