Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For those who don't read comments. . .

So, here we are in the Windy City, where I finally finished up work after several long days that involved walking multiple miles through the McCormick Place convention center. I think I logged a marathon just on the skybridge between the east and south buildings.

I was blogging our annual conference--turns out there might be a future in this blogging thing after all . . . who knew?--attending several sessions each day, and writing up as many of them as I could, often writing up one session while I took notes in another, so we could get as many reports as possible up as quickly as possible.

That's mostly over now, although I've still got several session reports to complete. The sprinting around is over, though, which is nice.

Since then, I've been checking in and continuing to draft some material, but we've been wandering around the city, checking out the sights. We're staying in the shadow of this building

. . . not the water tower, but the tall, black building, which I was always told was named after a famous patriot. Turns out that it's had a name change, according to the sign next to the water tower:


  1. With a name like that, it seems safe to assume he too made every effort to stand up for his country--no?

    (I'm so proud that I was able to resist leaving this note for a full 48 hours after I saw the picture. But then I realized that in the food chain--someone who made the sign, someone who took the picture, someone who posted the picture online--I'm just the last guy with bad taste, not the only one. And I didn't even stoop to ask how long since the building was erected or whether this John was known for anything more important than whipping out his big quill to show King George what he thought of his Stamp Act.)

  2. What else can I say? I believe that you said it all.

    One detail that I forgot to add: the building is affectionately known as "Big John" around town.

    I'll bet it is.