Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It takes a train to cry

Fortunately, there are a lot of people make me laugh regularly, and I must thank them for it. . .

  • Laid Off Dad, who just loves the black licorice jelly beans. Not those weeny little Reagan beanies, but the full-sized, pull yer' best filling out Brach's classics. As a left coast native who can't stand Twizzlers (they're not licorice, people, they're disgusting), I have to help out anyone who shares the love for licorice--and who makes me laugh all afternoon.
  • Brother #2, who got a blog, but said that it was only so that he could post comments on blogs that require a Blogger account. Except that now it turns out he is actually blogging. You might not care, but I get free pictures of my nieces and nephews out of it, so that's a good deal. On the other hand, I also get the picture of his razor and tube of Chamois Butt'r. . .let's all be thankful that's all that he included in the picture. The beginning of biking season isn't always pretty.
  • Greg Daddy, over at DaddyTypes who is all about the Bugaboo all the time--and the most stylish baby swag in general--until he finds out what the Crown Prince of Norway uses to roll his baby across the beaches of Mallorca, which may or may not be nearly as perfect as a Bugaboo. My question: when did the Dutch corner the market on excellent strollers?
  • Speaking of Dutch, how about Dutch (nickname or actually one of my peeps? only The Shadow knows. . .well, him and Dutch, I suppose), over on Sweet Juniper who writes outrageously funny posts about smoky-link-filled mac and cheese, why TV is easier than books, and his thing for Michael Landon on Little House on the Prairie. On top of that, Wood is funny and wonderful too, and together they're brilliant.
  • And, not least, Zygote Daddy, a fellow left coast native and prenatal insomniac who takes a break from the morning sickness to go kiss frogs. Reminds me of my friend Jason Helvey, from Colorado, a bad ass fisherman who went down to east Texas for grad school, where he nearly got killed every day by the bugs, snakes (which he was studying), heat, bicycle haters, or long hair haters. Not so much of the Allman Brothers look to ZD, but the same idea of a good time makes the connection for me.
Without a blog to point to, there's also 3B, who has taken to punching--or kicking--me in the mouth whenever I talk to him with my mouth right up against Mama's belly, which makes Mama and I laugh. Who knows? 3B might be laughing too.

So, laugh it up fuzzballs. Enjoy the reading. Share the love.


  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Jason is originally from Cedar Rapids IIowa, and now is in Lufkin texas with his honey and his life riding a bike. :-)

  2. Hey now. Somehow I was told to search this diatribe for my mentioning. Kurt W. needs to inform me of these things so I can can join the modern world and participate/share my experiences as you are. I would appreciate more herp mentions, Allman Brothers Band, endurance bike racing, dogs, fishing, skiing, and eastern city posts (for I have never been that way). I know, WTF. I need to get more informed and have more interesting things to say... Still living in the past!? Post something where I know this message has found you. Kurt is helping me with my G-mail account as well as a blog with my happenings! I look forward to this. Thank you for your thoughts.
    J Helvey

  3. There's no need to join the modern world, J, but I can fit in some more herp, Allman, bikes, dogs, and Eastern cities. For the fishing and skiing, you're on your own. Our sad herp mention is that one of our turtles died last year, but the male is still kickin', which, after 26 years of care from me is miraculous. All the others I'll have to get to later. So tell me, how is the fishing and skiiing down in Tex-ass?