Monday, April 24, 2006

On Day 11, God was still in the Bahamas

But, in our little world, Day 11 means that almost all of the drywall repairs are done, and we were able to start painting. And, by "we," I mean "me."

We're pretty sure that it would have been safe for Mama to help out, but we'd rather be sure than sorry later. Besides it's only fair, given that she painted almost the entire rest of the house by herself because I'm a slacker (although, to be fair, in California we call that "laid back" or "motivationally challenged").

So, tonight I got the white on the ceiling and the red on the walls that are done. The hope is that tomorrow cabinets can go on that wall--and perhaps even on the other wall, although we'd then have to tape them off and paint around them.

I also took a shot of where our kitchen has migrated to--our dining space ("room" is a bit generous for this portion of the condo):

Other big accomplishments today:

  • a 220 outlet for the dryer, although there's no power to it yet
  • a 110 outlet for the island, which has power, but there's no island yet
  • a lighting fixture installed in the kitchen. . .with power
When God was done, he rested. When we're done, I believe that we'll collapse, but they both have the same effect, right?

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