Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Patience, Grasshopper

OK, so it turns out that the patience is the key with iPhoto's photocasting. Eventually it will publish updates, although it may take several attempts and a few hours. Hey, what's the rush, anyway? We've got a few weeks left with this kitchen project.

In my attempts to fix things, I took the feed down, then reinstated it all at once, which scrambled all the photos together. Previously, they were in chronological order by day. My bad. Anyway, starting today I'm going back to it, so if you never dropped your feed subscription, you're in luck. If you never picked it up, now's your chance to get your feed on.

I'm not the only impatient one, as it turns out. Here's Barky, waiting for us to load the food into the first new cabinet to be installed. He's actually on the money with this. The main part is big drawers for pots and pans, but the narrow side cabinet is a pullout cabinet where we'll store his food, with a childproof latch, so there will be no more inadvertent midafternoon feasts for Barky. So, he can't wait for the cabinets, but he may not be so happy with what they mean for him.

Then again, that look may be saying, "Here's something else that I can jump on top of and scrounge for food while they're out." All he has now for that is the dining room table. You can get the full photo scoop the old fashioned way if you, like me, aren't so patient with the photocast feed.

No matter how you do it, though, try a little patience, as Axl says (screeched?). When I've gotten impatient with the kitchen, I've remembered our time in Morocco, reminding myself that there are people who don't have clean water, much less running water, much less a kitchen to cook in. . .and it sounds like MetroDad has been reminded of the same thing on his recent trip.

Imatience is my Sisyphus challenge. Some days I get it to the top of the hill, and some days it rolls down and crushes me. Let's all work on it together, people, and chill out. I just need to remember that there's a whole world out there, revolving around the sun, and that I'm just one little piece of it. A grasshopper.

OK, it's a little creepy that as I was typing that "You're So Vain" came on iTunes. Sure they're not watching us.

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