Sunday, April 02, 2006

Penultimate clue, cast your ballots...

It's a bit colder today, particularly where we are staying, down by the lake, where it's a little more windy, but it's still nicer than we were expecting.

It's a bit odd to come home--back to our room, anyway--and not have Barky come out to greet us. Baby Boy Bradstein has been keeping us company, though, bumping around throughout the day.


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    MMM is it Chi town??? Or Detroit???

    TCB all over the USA

  2. OK, I have to give it to you, King, especially since you got Chiluly. Sheesh. Is there anywhere that you or 'Cilla haven't been?

    It's Chi town. Got some deep dish, thin crust 'za last night--a few little slices of heaven, before the heavens opened up on us. Fortunately it was only a few short blocks back "home."

    Looks like Barky's enjoying the good life, though.