Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where have you been my blue-eyed son?

[UPDATED: Added photo of our lovely new kitchen location--in 3B's room. Also, added links so you could drool over the restaurants without having to Google them yourself. You can thank me later.]

I know, I know--I never write, I never call.

It's been too long, but I've had a few distractions...for example, there's our kitchen, which is currently located in Baby Boy Bradstein's future room.

That's because our kitchen remodel started today--starting with demolition of the old kitchen. Barky's favorite contractor, who installed our new floor, is doing all the work, which makes us happy--and which made him happy when he saw her this morning, I'm sure.

But that only accounts for the last few days, as we loaded the kitchen into 3B's room, what about the previous week?

Here, in no particular order are the activities that have kept me from writing call them excuses, I call them reasons...tomato, tomahto, let's get to the list...

  • We were in Chicago, where I was blogging for pay. Sure, it's not as dramatic as MetroDad's trip to Vietnam, but after spending 14 hours running between sessions and writing (somewhat intelligible) reports on them, I didn't have much time or energy for writing here. Not that I don't love you, just that the pay is better on the other side. If y'all are willing to put us up at the Millennium Knickerbocker in Chicago, however, I'll be your blogging huckleberry.

  • I'm still distracted by the amazing poached egg that I had at Green Zebra (being a Pearls Before Swine fan, I keep wanting to say Green Zeeba). The rest of the meal was amazing, from the amuse bouche to the "little puffs of love" dessert (Mama's description), but that egg was like a whole meal in a few sublime bites. The potato slices were so crisp they cracked like glass, and so thin that we could see through them. The bread was deliciously fried, and the egg...the egg adequate description still eludes me, so you'll have to go to Green Zeeba to experience it yourself. There was also our trip to Chicago Diner, where I had a fajita with protein in it for the first time since I stopped eating meat. And an Anchor Steam, which I'm pretty sure is vegetarian.

    As a matter of fact, I'm quite possibly distracted by all the food that we ate there, including the amazing thin crust, deep dish pizza at Pizanos and the delectable yakisoba at that other place real close to Pizanos. Yeah, I should dig the receipt out of my wallet to get the name, but I'm too lazy for that, which brings us to reason number next. . .

  • I'm lazy. Let's face it, this writing thing takes time, energy, motivation, and discipline. I'm running a little short on all of those lately. Time? See the picture of our kitchen for that explanation. Well, that and a week-long business trip to Chicago. Energy? See my first reason, particularly the part about all the running between sessions, all of which were located in a convention center which appears to be so large as to straddle several state lines. Motivation? Are you kidding? Motivate? Me? You may be reading the wrong blog if you're thinking that I'm motivated. Discipline? I've learned that discipline requires discipline. Lacking either discipline or the discipline that it requires, I have no way to close the circle of logic and develop actual . . . well . . . discipline. That brings us back to the thesis statement here: I'm lazy. Good enough reason for me.

  • Then there's all the little things, like the Treo 650 restarting spontaneously 15 or so times every day. Nothing that a system wipe and rebuild wouldn't cure, but it's just not worth it yet, although it's getting close. Anyway, sort of keeps me from being able to post from the road, meetings at work (just kidding, of course), or other various locations. Other little things this year include spring. Usually, it's not much of a distraction, but it seems that as I get older, weaker, and slower, my allergies only get stronger. Yippee. So, there's been several days of Claritin and Sudafed, which is quite an afterburner on top of a morning cup of coffee. It's great for getting lots of 30-second projects done really really fast, but not so good for, like, concentrating. Unfortunately, not lots of 30-second projects in my life these days, which has made the whole allergy-medication cycle a little distracting. Speaking of youth, it seems that there's something else going on in my life related to youth . . . oh yeah--we're freakin' pregnant.

  • I think that little 3B is stealing my brain too. I can't seem to remember the small things--or even some of the big things. With all of our food in 3B's room, most of it on the floor, in easy reach for Barky, it's essential that we keep the door closed when we're gone. Not only can't I remember to close the door, but I can't remember whether I did close it or not, which means a frantic trip home to ensure that Barky didn't gorge himself on Frango mints and fresh ground coffee or coffee toddy concentrate. Good times.

Generally, I guess I could sum this up by saying that the universe is inexorably moving toward a state of entropy, as it is wont to do, and I'm dismayed that I can't organize things a little better. Sort of like standing on the sloping deck of the Titanic, worried that I spilled some wine on my shirt.

OK, but I'm back now, and I promise to keep writing from now on. Unless the universe intervenes. Freakin' entropy.


  1. Thank you so much for the Frango mint chocolates -- I shared them with the members of my book club (which pretty much eat like birds so they only took a few THANK GOD) and they are SO YUMMY. I LOVE THEM. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Nice to see you 'round here again. Boy, that pic of your new "kitchen" brings back back memories of when I was a kid living through a remodel. A six-week job turned into a eight-month complete gutting of the house. So we had Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinner sitting around a card table in the garage. It was fun, though; we mostly kept the garage door open (it being CA, after all), so neighbors would stop in all the time, and we could start throwing around a football from a seated position. Handy.

  3. Glad to be back. Glad you love the mints, come on down for some more when you're done with yours. It'll be like an Easter candy hunt--we'll see if we can find them in 3B's room, where they're buried in amongst all of our other food and kitchen crap.

    Love the tale of remodeling displacement, although I'm hoping that you didn't jinx us, ZD. The part I really love is the image of y'all (I'm in Virginia now, I'm allowed) eating in the garage with the doors open. Al fresco dining, if you will . . . or perhaps plein aire dining? I can feel the cool concrete under bare--of course, this is California--feet, smell the sweet temperate breeze blowing in, and feel the pebbled surface of the football as I toss a perfect spiral out into the cul-de-sac.


    Of course, our garage was too full of bikes and boxes to even pull a car into most of the time, but still . . . nice to dream of a place where the weather is nice enough to do that.