Friday, May 05, 2006

Feel the Power

. . .or total lack of power, in our case.

Right now, there's no power in our condo because we're having our breaker box swapped out for a new one. Why the whole box? Originally, we thought we could just put in new breakers, which are required for the 220 outlet for our new dryer. Turns out, however, that our breaker box, manufactured by the not-so-fine Federal Pacific Electric Company is a fire hazard that has been banned most everywhere, if not everywhere, in the U.S.

We decided that replacing it was cheaper than a house fire. Go figure.

Because the units in our building are not wired separately, however, turning off our power means turning off power to many of our neighbors. And, because the management company doesn't know exactly what switch controls each part of the building, they played Russian Electricity Roulette this morning through the whole building, until they found the switch that killed power to our unit.

"Hey, everybody, let's play 'Rolling Blackout'! We'll be Enron, you'll all be California, with horses, carriages, and kerosene lamps. It'll be fun." Yeah, our neighbors love us.

The building manager explained that, "We have to go through this every time we shut off the power to one unit." I was going to suggest that perhaps this time they might want to label some of those switches, so that they wouldn't have to do this every time, but usually such suggestions are met with the boilerplate reply, which starts, "Well see, we can't because. . ."

I decided to save my breath, and just let it go.

The good news out of all this: we get to use our dryer tonight--if (knock on wood) everything gets reconnected. We already ran a load in the washing machine last night, which explains the bucket of laundry detergent on our new beech countertops. Mmm. Countertops.

So, we're getting close, but we'll have to wait until IKEA gets the final countertop in stock before we can install the sink, connect the dishwasher, and finish up the rest of the kitchen. Before that happens, we'll be able to move all the dishes, pots and pans, and food from 3B's room back into the kitchen, but only after they're done with drywall sanding and we've washed away all that dust.

So close. . .


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Dude it seems to the King that not having brealer boxes etc correctly marked is some sort of code violation, Cilla the electrical half shall check it out but she thinks the same thing. I would say since your a board member you should be able to hold the power to get Grounds keeper Willie to label things. Throw the smackdown on him like you did a poor soul who just wanted to keep tictacs in his shirt pocket.

    TCB of the UL

  2. Ah, so it was YOU that caused the power to be out! :)

    Not that I cared, mind you. I was out working.

    Didn't get to ride the bike this weekend! Oh well, at least now it's ready to go!