Monday, May 01, 2006

Papa's Got a Brand New Toy

"You suburbanites may now laugh."

It turns out that even those of us suburbanites who live in high-rise buildings may get to laugh too, as we enjoy the ultimate luxury.

Or, it will fill every unit below us with suds, forcing us to sell this luxury, leaving us with a very plush pantry, appointed with hot and cold running water, a drain and a 220 outlet.

We'll let you know who laughs last as soon as we the dryer outlet is connected to power and the drain pipes are completed. The drain is complete from the washer, but it's got an open end by the kitchen sink because we can't connect the kitchen sink until we have countertops, and every countertop that we've tried to buy is on backorder.

The ankle bone is connected to the neck bone, eventually, as it turns out.

In other exciting news, the microwave got hung today, although, thanks to an unfortunately placed standpipe in the ceiling, the duct has to run cattywampus through the cabinet above. We're not that bothered by it, since we'll probably not be getting into that cabinet much. While we're on the subject: is there anything in this building that is not unfortunately placed?

Note: I changed the name of our photo pages, after figuring out how, which broke the old link to them, I believe. Anyway, to see all of our kitchen photos, including surreptitious shots of Mama's belly, and regal beagle poses from Barky, check out O Kitchen, My Kitchen.


  1. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Well, if you flood the neighbors' units with suds, you could just say you're throwing them a "foam party." This would work particularly well if your neighbors have teenage offspring. They supposedly go wild for that sort of thing.

  2. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Well, if you flood the neighbors' units with suds, you could just say you're throwing them a "foam party." This would work particularly well if your neighbors have teenage offspring. They supposedly go wild for that sort of thing.

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    You see that obnoxious "anonymous" double post? Well it's your cousin Elizabeth who got over zealous with the return key, thinking she could create line breaks without having use html code. (Addendum: silly Blogger won't let me code line breaks...grrr!!) ¶ I just wanted to say hi. And that i can't believe it took me this long to find your page. I was hoping that your good-for-nothing brother Doug would send me the web address one day. I was told it was something easy to remember/figure out. Hmm...i'm not sure i should be admitting to failing miserably at remembering/figuring. Instead i was looking at Bill(y)'s Blog for the first time in forever and there you were. ¶ Well, i've rambled on far too long already. I'll shut up now. ¶ One more thing...awesome shade of red!

  4. I. Am. So. Jealous. Can I come over to do my laundry at your place now?? (Just kidding.) But really - I want to be you guys. If it weren't for that gosh darned assessment I would be itching to run over to IKEA right now to get myself a new, hip kitchen - complete with washer and dryer.

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    man as far as that cattywampus pipe goes every home that Cilla and I have been in the last 6 years has been like that. I think its how they sell more pipe. I dont understand the Naners assessment thingy?Is it because of condos that everybody has to put in a certain amount to upkeep? I only ask because the King is looking at new Gracelands.

    TCB on the West Coast

  6. Elizabeth-yeah the Blogger comment thing takes some getting used to, but I'm glad to see that you finally found the blog. Brother #2 is good for lots of things. And stuff. So there. But seriously, he's better at all this keeping in touch stuff than yours truly.

    Banana-sure, you can come on down and do the inaugural load of laundry. But when someone calls up because their kitchen is full of water, you have to answer the door while Mama and I shinny down our rope of sheets.

    King-generally, you have to pay a monthly association fee to cover operating costs--technically, I believe that it's an annual fee broken into 12 easy payments, but whatever. Part of that should also be going into reserves (replacement--to replace big things, and operating--to take care of day-to-day things). Both reserves should only be tapped if there's a large unforeseen expenditure--an elevator fails, a buildingwide A/C unit goes out, etc. If there's a large foreseen expenditure, like elevator replacement or replacing all the windows, as we have to do, you also hope that your reserve account covers it. If, however, past boards didn't put enough money into reserves, leaving you holding the bag, you levy an assessment to cover the costs of such projects. Generally, a large majority of the coowners (unit owners) must vote to approve an assessment, to ensure that the board isn't just financing their retirement funds through construction kickbacks. Make sense? I prob'ly shoulda' sent this in an email, but I'm here now, and I'm lazy, as you know. If you have questions, shoot me one, and I'll get back to you.

  7. What are these clothes dryers all you Right Coasters are so excited about? Don't you know we're in the middle of a big nationwide energy addiction? These don't need any two-pole 30A breakers.

    Most of my life I've worn air-dried clothes.

    I'm sure it's too late to ask, but in re-doing your kitchen, did you run a gas line over to the dryer too, so if you decide in 10 years to replace the electric dryer with a gas unit, the hookup will be there already?


    P.S. Liberal Banana needs to get to know someone on her condo board who can do something about that heavy assessment. Oh, wait . . . yeah, or she could just find someone on her condo board and use their washer & dryer. Except the dryer I recommended is a lot more economical.

  8. Yo, recently repatriated Left Coast Brother of mine. . .drying clothes outdoors is not allowed (if they can be seen, although we do it behind our balcony screen from time to time), even though our single largest expense as a building is our utility bill.

    I would try to change that, but seeing how the effort to implement recycling went, I'm going to waste my time on more productive pursuits, thanks.

    The thing about the recycling is that if buildings like ours had done it voluntarily earlier, the city wouldn't have had to mandate it now. But now that they've mandated it, they put in all sorts of accountability and enforcement measures, which are cumbersome to comply with. In addition, I'm sure that now that vendors know we have to recycle, they won't be so flexible in their pricing, since there's no incentive for them to be.

    As for the gas line, we didn't pull an extension over--I'm not too keen on having disconnected gas lines laying about anyway--but it's right through the wall, so someone can just poke a hole and pull the extension through if they want. But, why would they? Utilities aren't (and can't be) metered by unit, and electric dryers cost less to purchase. (At the rate we're going, electric dryers may cost less to run than gas ones anyway.)

  9. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I'm twitching. And it looks like the same color red we have in OUR kitchen. We used Roasted Pepper by Beyer.

    So clean! So shiny! So new! I'm in love! (I'm in Chicago but can I come over to cook sometime? I won't make a mess I promise! And I'll walk your dog.)