Friday, May 26, 2006

Request from a boy on a toilet

After a frustrating condo association board meeting last night, I came home and was ranting and raving to Mama about the goings on when I got this message from my college roomie:

Duncan and I were sitting in the bathroom today, working on the whole potty training thing, and he asked me to tell him a story. So... I told him about how I had just gotten back in touch with my friend Papa, and that you were going to have a new baby boy, and that you had a dog named Barky and a turtle. I had to explain to him that email was something we did on the computer, and he connects the computer with pictures. (Google image search is great for little kids. "Papa, can I see pictures of a jaguar? Sure, Duncan...") So Duncan asked me if I had pictures of you on the computer, and I told him that I didn't and I would ask you to post pictures of you and Mama and Barky and your turtle.

It would be nice to see pictures...

How could I turn down such a nice request. . .from a boy on a toilet. . .? So, I obliged, with this new page of pics.

I kept the captions simple for a few reasons. First, there's a character limit. Second, there's not much to say about some of these, except to point out that the one of Barky sleeping on the lawn is at Grandmother's (Papa's mom's) house; our condo did not sprout a yard. Finally, I didn't want to stick Chris with having to explain "hangover" in regards to that picture of me in NYC, which Mama took after our night at Commonwealth. A p.s. to that night--Fred and Emilia, who we were visiting with, had their baby. A beautiful little girl, born right on her due date.


  1. Those are great photos! You all look fabulous! Barky in the hat made me laugh out loud.

    If you get a moment, can you email me about what went on at the condo meeting? I decided to take a nap when I got home from work and slept until 7:30! Then dinner was my top priority - not sitting downstairs being a good resident. :)

  2. Synchronicity in two cities: I believe our condo board's meeting was scheduled for the same night as yours. Results were a little different, though.