Thursday, May 11, 2006

What he said. . .

Reasons I read the San Francisco Chronicle. . .wait, I don't actually read it, I read SFGate. And, I don't even read that regularly, or even subscribe to their feeds anymore because the local news feed is mostly obits of people I don't care about. That's not a news feed. That's an obit feed.

Moving on, or going back to the reasons I would read the Chron if I did read it:

To be fair, it's not just Carroll--it's all of the columnists, but mostly it's Carroll. I grew up on Art Hoppe and Herb Caen. I never got that much into Stanton Delaplane, but I would browse through them all.

They're all gone now, but the Chron still keeps hiring great columnists.

Perhaps it's the sign of a serious paper that they shed all their ink on serious stories, written in a serious style for serious readers. I, however, like a paper that puts issues in perspective, and maybe even allows us to laugh at them, at ourselves, or just laugh with joy. This may be the result of growing up with a father who called the comics, "the heart of the paper," and who loved James Thurber and Ogden Nash as well as the New Yorker.

The most recent Carroll column I read, about the secrets that we keep and that our government keeps from us is a fine example of this. His is an SFGate feed worth subscribing to.


  1. I subscribe to Mark Morford's feed. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  2. My bad.

    I should have mentioned him. I used to read him daily, before there were feeds, but I had to go off the juice, because it just was too distracting. I would read it, follow all the links (then the links from there), then forward it to people, then write back and forth about it. . .then I got a real job and had to quit that crack.

    He is awesome. I should really go back on the stuff, especially now that Wonkette is just making that giant sucking sound.

    Thanks for keeping me honest.