Tuesday, June 20, 2006

99 pictures of us on the wall, 99 pictures of us. . .

So, when we aren't napping, watching movies, or sucking down the sugar at baby showers, what are we up to these days?


Yes, in our spare time, we're out on the lawn, collecting twigs and scraps of fabric, which we bring back to our home. . .no, not that kind of nesting. The uniquely human kind, which inspires different behaviors in each of us.

Mama, she has dedicated her life until labor begins to hanging every framed photo or piece of art that we have, and framing every unframed photo or piece of art that we have:

Yes, our house has become an article from Real Simple: Why Paint Your Walls When You Can Totally Obscure Them with Pictures?

I'm not complaining. Not only does the place look 100% better, but we both get to relive memories as we look back through our pictures. For example, look at the picture back at the top of the post--I had totally forgotten what an ass Castro was that one time he crashed a party in our dorm room. Maybe in Havana he's a hilarious drunk, but at our party, he was just another loud drunk in fatigues.

My nesting behavior of choice? Cooking--although my three daily naps have been interfering with it somewhat. Over the weekend, I did manage to stay awake long enough to use the extra dough left over from our weekly sourdough waffles to toss a quick sourdough pizza crust and top it with a few things for dinner.

Nothing too exciting, but I also put in our Peapod order, which includes all the ingredients for my Mom's mac and cheese, by far the most delicious in the tri-state region, if not the country. It'll go well with all the greens and veggies that we got. After that, I've got to come up with something for dinner on the 30th, when we're having Liberal Banana and Boyfriend over for dinner.

Maybe they can help us hang a few pictures while they're here.


  1. Nice picture of you and Fidel, but I could have warned you. I had him and Che over to my place once when I was still in the dorms, and the two were uncontainable. At one point I found them halfway up a ladder they'd stolen from the maintenance shed. They had stitched together a rebel flag and were on their way to hang it from the TV antenna. The flag was made from old handkerchiefs; they called it a "coup de snot."

    Later on (after Che expired) I ran into Fidel once, alone in a bar down by the refineries. He was almost completely incoherent; he just looked up at me with those big sad chocolate-brown eyes. The bartender said he'd been drinking Cuba Libres since early in the afternoon, and while he could still walk he kept going over to the jukebox to order "Guantanamera" again. It was just sad.

    So for him I'm glad to see he eventually got his party legs back under him, even if it had to be at your expense. But I could have warned you.

  2. I didn't even notice the pictures - did you manage to hang them last night after I stopped by?!? They look great!!! I did see the one by the front door, I forgot to mention that I thought it looked great there. And yes, we're willing to work for our dinner!

    (By the way, we can bring more than just dessert - I'm sorry I didn't offer to do more earlier! You guys are expecting a BABY, for goodness sakes! We can cook any part of the meal you'd like for us to - just let me know what we can do!!! Please!)

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Man then I really need to get pregnant cuz I have TONS of pictures to hang.

    Ooooorrrr you can come HERE and fulfill your nesting instince and do it for us! I'll even feed you after the long trip, It's settled. See you at 6:00.

  4. We had all our family pictures hanging up in our last house...Duncan really enjoyed talking about all the grandparents. Plus we put up baby pictures of ourselves, that got a big thumbs up from the boy.

  5. Wow the nesting is always fun:) And it makes the house look great. My obsession was the babys room and the bathroom... don't ask me why.. nine months prego and i was on my knees scrubbing the tub... ouch. But it had to be done. *sigh* Hubby offered to do it but I just had to do it myself.... go figure.