Thursday, June 01, 2006

Correction: Our changing table is not a sink

My original inspiration for that previous post about Enya making me cry and losing my freakin' mind, events which may be related, was that in the post before that, I mentioned putting together our "Emsen" dresser from IKEA.

Good luck to those of you who tried to locate that at IKEA.

This is an Emsen (to my credit, we did have one of these installed in our kitchen recently):
This is our dresser--for the record, it's a Hemnes:
Yeah, I was strolling along with Barky, listening to EBN-OZN, musing about how words and language can interfere with communication, when I realized my Emsen-Hemnes mistake. Perhaps that was due to

  • complex Swedish dyslexia
  • the lack of meaning conveyed by words
  • the loss of my freakin' mind due to pregnancy
So no, we won't be changing 3B in a saddle sink. We will be changing him on top of a dresser.

Let's just hope that 3B comes with his brain intact; at the rate our minds are deteriorating, we're going to need him to keep it together for the whole Bradstein household.

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  1. Wow! We can't believe how big Mama has gotten since we last saw her! We hope she's doing well despite being relegated to wearing sneakers and we hope you're both getting some sleep, like Barky in the sun. Just a few notes/questions -- Laurie Anderson went to my alma mater, did you see the article on Keillor on the NYTimes, and are your kitchen renovations done? We miss you guys! PS Nice 80s flashbacks... your fellow Anteater has enjoyed it.