Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mail Call!

For only having four readers, the Bradstein Household gets a fair amount of e-mail, including some questions and many answers. Usually the answers are in response to questions that I've posed here.

This week, Brother #2 has been helping out with the name question. You know, "What are you going to name 3B?" Since Mama and I haven't settled on anything yet, and since one of the best names that we've come up with so far has been Barky Jr., I think we might need some help.

Here are some of his suggestions and my responses:

  • B#2: You know, if you just call him Boris Bradstein Bernley or Barney Bernley Bradstein or somesuch, he'll get to keep the same initials he's had until now.
  • PB: How about Bradstein Bradstein Bradstein? Like Toni Tony Tone, but different.
  • B#2: Or like Major Major Major, who naturally got promoted to the rank of Major and never got promoted again after that. Actually, I was thinking Bradstein Bernley Bradstein, which recognizes Mama's contribution [You don't want to know. --PB]. When people ask whom he was named after, you can say "My cousin Brad." [Yes, B#2 and I have a cousin Brad, but if we name the kid after him, he might take after him, and I've grown accustomed to being the wisest wiseass in the house.]
  • PB: I was also thinking of that kid in Lake Wobegon--Senator somebody. But I was thinking of aiming a little higher--President Bradstein.
  • B#2: Secretary-General? Boutros Boutros-Bradstein?
Anybody else want to take a shot?

Please hurry. Mama just called in her latest suggestion from the bathroom:
Bilbo Baggins Bradstein
Her only reservation? "But then he might be really short with hairy feet."


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Boris Elvis Steve Bradstein Bradley. PERFECTO!!!! Sorry been watching to much world cup, just like eating at burger king it will turn ya gay!!!

    TCB on names for 3B

  2. Lance Bradstein? Schweinsteiger Bradstein? He'll be born short, but what's wrong with hairy feet?

  3. Or, you could keep the name 3B. Just 3B, with no last name or anything. That way, he would already have a cool name when he decides to be a white suburban gangsta rapper.

    Of course, it might cause problems when he has to fill in the little name bubbles on the SAT. That might freak them out...

  4. Just be careful about the neighbors have twins whose initials are AAH and HAH. No kidding.

  5. Reminds me of the kid in my junior high school: Joe King.

    No kidding, but he was always Joe King.

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    How about Berenstein Bradstein? Like, after the Berenstein Bears? It will teach him to love reading and he'll be a hit with the pre schol/kindergarden crowd.

    Just found yoru blog today via MD and wanted to play along :-)