Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday melange: wordplay wedding, surf dogs, one brown dress, and speedballs for geezers

All that ibuprofen will stunt your growth.
  • Although we lack the time or money right now to travel very far--oh yeah, we're also going on 38 weeks pregnant, which puts a crimp in the "weekend in Europe" lifestyle that we're so accustomed to--but we still love to live vicariously through others and the Travel section. Although we both long to return to California when we have the time and the money, I think we'll save some of that cabbage while we're there and skip the surfing lessons for Barky. Seriously, he hates water, so he would piss on my pillow if I ever did that to him.
  • While I must start my Sunday paper reading orgy with the comics, to get in the right mood for the rest of the paper, there are plenty of funny lines in the paper. Some are inadvertent, like this one, about the members of Kiss:
"They definitely take more ibuprofen than cocaine."
Not that they don't take any cocaine, mind you, just more ibuprofen than coke. Is that the speedball for geezers? The geezball?
  • After Nacho Libre on Sunday, we went to our local Ted's Montana Grill. Yeah. Four vegetarians headed to a steak house that specializes in buffalo. They do have some great veggie burgers, though. And Boraxo in the bathrooms because that's how Ted rolls.
During the conversation, we all started to become conscious that some of us--it wasn't just me--frequently started anecdotes with "I was reading this blog. . ."
One blog that kept coming up was Brown Dress, which is interesting for a few reasons, not the least of which was this paragraph in the introduction, which caught my expectant father's eye
"As a brand new working mom with a new family budget, these economies are coming sharply into focus for me. Even my beloved second-hand shopping requires time, effort, and energy that saps my attention from the more vital parts of my life – being with my family, making artwork, tending the garden, growing my community, keeping a watchful eye on the government, reading new books, learning new skills, singing new songs . . . I intend to make good use of my energy saved!"

One more reason to keep 3B naked as long as Mama will allow it.


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    My love for you and Mama grows exponentially larger with every post, my friend. I love that you went to see "Wordplay" and that you appreciated that awesome wedding story in the Times. And yeah...I can't tell you how many times I've turned to my wife and said, "So I was reading this blog and..."

    It's funny. Before our daughter was born, I literally could not start my day without perusing the Sunday paper. After she was born, time was scarce so i found myself collecting weeks upon weeks of newspapers and keeping them by my bed. I figured I'd get to them at some point. Most of the time I didn't and I'd find about 4 months of newspapers by my bedside. That's about when my wife started calling me the "Unabomber."

    Read all the papers. See all the movies. Go to more carnivore restaurants. For a brief while, you won't be able to do these things but the joy you get from 3B will override everything.

    Once you hit your stride, you'll realize how much you relished those things you formally took for granted. But that's ok too.

  2. Note to self: Cancel swimming lessons for Barky for his "Don't Worry No One's Forgotten About You Even Though There's A Baby Now" present... :)

    I couldn't see the NY Times article because I'm not a registered member!

  3. Oh man, do I miss the NY Times. Once we moved here and I realized with glee that the Times was my "local" paper, (well, not really, there's a truly local paper that just scams all the wire stories) Papa got me a subscription to the weekend papers. But, like Metrodad said, they kept piling up.

    I agree, keep them naked. Well, maybe in the summer. Our new house has a brook as the back fence. So far we have been averaging 2-3 changes of clothes per day. At 2 kids per change, that equals....way too much laundry.

  4. Anonymous1:11 AM

    All walk around naked and you can re-name your blog The Garden of Eden. What fun!