Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pole Position

Why is it that guys turn first to sports for their metaphors?

Hey, speaking of sports, we saw the doctor on Wednesday and 3B is in pole position, ready to come out.

They've checked during each of our last weekly visits if 3B's head is down, which it has been each time. But on Wednesday, they also examined Mama and found that we're at a fingertip, 70%, 0--for those of you who know what those mean.

OK, here's an explanation for one of those descriptors: The number at the end refers to the position of 3B's head. Negative numbers mean that his head hasn't fully descended, or dropped. Positive numbers mean that Mama's in labor and his head is on the way out. Zero means that he's done waiting, but Mama's not in labor yet.

So now we wait.

For how long, we don't know. He could come tomorrow, or not until his due date. So we've advanced to frenzied nesting mode. The phrase may seem to be an oxymoron, but it accurately describes

  • the washing, drying, folding, stacking, and putting away of the mounds of laundry that we're trying to catch up on--grateful that Connie got our washer and dryer installed as early as she did
  • assembling the Pack 'N Play for the first time--it will be his bassinet, so we want to have it in the room and ready before labor starts
  • cleaning--and by "cleaning," I mean "tossing lots of crap and clutter"
  • taking out garbage and recycling--which is what it is
And the thousands of other tasks that we just won't get to, like brushing Barky again, because he's shedding flurries of fur everywhere, making vacuuming a futile act. We also probably won't have doors on our closets before 3B moves in with us, and we certainly won't have caught up on our filing and entering transactions in Quicken. Some things will just have to wait.

One reason to not get too frenzied in our nesting activities is that the doctor was mildly concerned about Mama's blood pressure this week. Not so concerned that she told Mama to stay home from work, but enough that we're going back on Monday for the results of some tests from this week, and so they can run more tests.

For now, it's nothing to worry about, but something for us to pay attention to. If it does warrant some action, their first move will be to have Mama stay at home. I had to clarify that they didn't want Mama working from home either, which made Mama about as happy as being told that she has to wear sneakers all the time. When the doctor reminded her that 3B's health would be at risk if her blood pressure didn't stabilize or come down, Mama replied, "No work for me, then."

It's hard for both of us to come to grips with all of the behaviors, habits, and patterns that we are going to have to let go of. Especially before 3B is here. Once he's here, I'm sure that he'll work magic--easily distracting us while our grip loosens on all of those pastimes we once held dear.

Until then, there are a few pastimes that I must get back to . . . like laundry. As soon as we have any more news, we'll share.


  1. Congratulations and good luck! And tell 3B the blogosphere says "Hi".

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Those last few days seem to crawl by slowly, my friend. Enjoy yourselves. Go have a nice picnic this weekend or go see a movie. Your days of sleep deprivation are right around the corner! Good luck to Mama!

  3. Doesn't it change everything to have actual numbers? What, no explanation of 70% and fingertip? OK, maybe too personal even for a blog.

    I agree, give up on the concept of Quicken and go have a picnic. Unless it's freaking hot like it is here in NY, then for the sake of Mama's BP just stay in the AC!

    I hope the doc mentioned not to worry about the BP too much, since worrying obviously makes it worse. Luckily staying home and relaxing helps a lot, something most pregnant women (devotion to an awesome job aside) are pretty hip to.