Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thanks for the shower--wake me for the cake

There are lots of folks out there who are diligently recording all the stages of their pregnancies, from the very first moments.

OK, maybe not the very first moments. I don't think I've seen the morning after conception post yet, but I might have just missed it. (For those who are still in the pre-conception phase, you might want to check out the magazine that Mama and I flipped through while waiting for our most recent appointment--conceive. It's a great magazine, but it was a little jarring to flip from the cutsie-wootsie baby shots to the full page, back massage, not so subtle innuendo K-Y ad.)

Anyway, there are people like Dad_to_Be over at T Minus 9 Months . . . and Counting, who is making the rest of us slacker dads look bad by posting every day. Every freakin' day, mate! Even though he spells "fetus" all wonky, and stole my idea for a poll, he's telling funny stories about how the pregnancy is going and how he's not going to raise his kids.

And there's SprogMamma, in Torino, detailing the symptoms of each of her stages of pregnancy. I'm glad that she's over her nausea, and wondering when she'll invite all of us to Torino for a shower.

Which brings me to our latest pregnancy symptoms: showers and naps. Just like every other symptom, I'm sure that they don't hit everyone at the same time, and that they don't hit some people at all, but they seem to be a symptom of late pregnancy.

Today, Mama's coworkers threw us a shower; last week, my coworkers threw us a shower. Both were meant to be surprises, but after Mama alerted her coworkers that she might not be able to continue working if her blood pressure stayed high, they had to spill the beans, but only a couple days early.

My boss, on the other hand, had me set up my own surprise shower by telling me that she wanted to celebrate the award the cadre I work with was recently nominated for. Apparently, the most amusing part was when I sent out a reminder for my own surprise shower an hour before it started. At one point, when they were trying to figure out the logistics, they almost had me go pick up the cake, but they thought that the baby decorations might give away the surprise.

And my coworkers wonder why I don't trust them. . .but seriously everyone amazed us with their generosity and thoughtfulness. It was much the same at the shower today, which I can understand a little better, since their connection to 3B is Mama, who is wonderful, amazing, and beautiful.

After the shower, we had a little lunch--for those of you keeping score at home, that's bebimbap for Mama and boolgogi for me--at Java Green, where everything is delicious, including the desserts from Sticky Fingers. Then we headed home.

Full of all that good food--there were chocolate covered strawberries at the shower, of which I had about 73--I started playing the labor and delivery playlist that I've been compiling, then I curled up on the bed with Barky for a minute, and then . . . two hours later, I had a mouth full of cotton and a head full of tar, as my buddy Marc used to say.

I can't claim that I'm not well rested since we took at least two naps over the weekend, it's only Tuesday, and I've only worked half days so far this week because of our doctor's appointment and the shower.

That's the beauty of pregnancy--you can attribute everything to it. Mama's coworkers asked if I had had any sympathy pains--for the record, no, but I did have sympathy nausea, which was just delightful. But the sympathy naps have been great--"Mama, you look tired. I'd better lay down and get some rest for you."


  1. Hi PB,

    Thanks for the links to my blog!

    I'd like to apologise for stealing your idea of a poll... ...but I can't! Although I'd seen your name on Zygote Daddy's blog, I can, hand on heart, swear I haven't been here until today, when I saw your links to my blog - it's mere coincidence! I've read (and enjoyed) your blog now and I'm going to add you to my sidebar! And I've written about you in today's entry. That'll teach you to accuse me of stealing... ;-)

    You're right that I sometimes spell foeta... faet... fetus... whatever it is... incorrectly although 'foetus' is the correct British spelling (we like including superflous letters in our words so we can mock foriegners when they miss them out. Sometimes I like to misspell words and then mock myself.)



  2. I also like to misspell 'superfluous'... D'oh!

  3. I find it best not to read back over my own writing for just this reason.

    As for nicking my idea for a poll, you'd have had to steal it out of my head, since I haven't actually posted one yet, but I was kicking the idea around . . . until I saw your post.

    No, really, I believe that the internet is big enough for two daddy polls.

  4. OK Papa Bradstein, enjoy the naps while you can. I just spent an hour getting the kids to fall asleep for naptime, and 20 minutes later, Rebecca is yelling from the other room, "Mama I'm poopy!"

    But I'm not bitter.

  5. Totally enjoy the naps while you can!!! I used to make my hubby lay down with me cause well i was all touchy and huggy while prego, but only with him.. anyone else touched me and i got crabby lol
    needless to say he didn't argue much.