Monday, June 19, 2006

Under Pressure?

In 1981, Queen and David Bowie released their collaboration, "Under Pressure," which--no matter what Vanilla Ice did to ruin it later--is still a great song. While they were singing this, they had something in common with Mama and me.

  • Great singing voices?No, only Mama has that. Barky thinks he does, but he's just a dilettante.
  • Fabulous wardrobes?
    Again, Mama's the one with the looks and the clothes to go with them. Besides, Freddy Mercury? Fabulous wardrobe? Not so much. The Thin White Duke, yes, but Freddy, no.
  • Millions of dollars, recording sessions in Switzerland, and all the comforts that money could buy?
    Yes. That's what we have in common--except the money, the Switzerland bit, and the comforts--although we do have a spiffy new kitchen.
What they have in common with us is that as they were singing about being under such intense pressure . . .
Watching some good friends
Screaming "Let me out"
. . . Insanity laughs,
Under pressure we're cracking
. . . life probably wasn't actually so bad for them. Although, perhaps I'm not being fair. Swiss recording sessions might be a real pain in the ass, although they do seem to produce some classic cuts. (The only other one I know about is the one during which Frank Zappa and the Mothers burned their studio down, leading to Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water." Something about bass lines and Switzerland.)

But really, life probably wasn't that rough for them at the time.

Similarly, although I reported last week that the doctor was concerned about Mama's high blood pressure, it turns out that we don't have anything to worry about and that we probably didn't at the time. So, like Freddy and David, I was singing a tune about some high pressure that we weren't really under . . . wondering when I'd make that connection, eh?

This is the thing that I like about going to a practice with multiple doctors--you never get the same answer twice. They always produce the same numbers as each other, but their interpretations vary. It's a solid reminder that there are several responses to any one situation, any or all of which may be correct. And what's right today may be wrong tomorrow. It's helpful to have these reminders of how few answers are clear and how many possiblities are open to us as we become parents.

Last week, the doctor was concerned that Mama's blood pressure had been going steadily, if slowly, up since her first visit. The doctor today noted that her pressure had been at last week's level at least once before, and close to it several times. "Perfectly normal," he said.

That's also what he said about Mama's swollen hands and feet, sore feet, and her aching joints. We felt that those were all normal for this stage--37 weeks--of pregnancy, but they can also be signs of preeclampsia when the mother also has high blood pressure. Turns out that it depends on what your definition of "high" is.

We should thank last week's doctor, however. She inspired us to both relax--finally saw a coupla' movies this weekend--and to get some final nesting projects finished off.


  1. You can make that five loyal readers... Your funny:) I added you to my fav list. Good luck and definetly get your sleep in while you can!!!

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    So sorry about the scare that you had, Papa B. We had a few scares like that when BossLady was pregnant. Talk about stressful, nerve-wracking and emotional. Glad everything turned out ok and that you were able to enjoy the weekend. Give my best to Mama!

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Glad everything is A-Okay.

    You're officially blogrolled. Now MY 5 loyal readers can enjoy you too!

  4. I'm glad everything is OK with Mama. It's so hard to get out of the fear-based way of viewing pregnancy, where any deviation from the "norm" is a problem. We want to do what's best for the baby, but they can't exactly tell you what they need. So we rely on expert advice, that varies by practitioner!

    Maybe it's just practice for child rearing, which again is pretty wide open as far as right and wrong.