Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Walking up the down escalator

Mama took Barky off to doggy daycare this morning and I eventually rolled out of bed and stumbled down to pour myself some coffee and listen to NPR as I woke up at the kitchen table.

Mmm. Coffee.

Ever since high school, when three of us used to go out once a week for breakfast, I've loved coffee. Back then, it was often all that we could afford for breakfast, so we'd load up on six or seven cups of java, then jitter our way up to school. I'm sure that our first period teacher loved that.

Over time I've learned to--and my aging body has required me to--cut back from seven cups to a more reasonable one or two, but still, no morning is complete without some coffee.

Now it turns out that all that coffee has been protecting me. A recent study, reported on by NPR, showed a correlation between coffee drinking and a decrease in liver damage among heavy drinkers.

This is great news for me, because that makes Irish Coffee just about the perfect drink. It already was for its wonderful balance: it gets you drunk and keeps you awake, what I refer to as "walking up the down escalator." And now we know that it protects your liver from the damage it does to your liver.

It's like a yin-yang symbol in a glass.

Because there's no better place in the world to enjoy an Irish Coffee than in the Buena Vista Cafe--watching the fog roll in over the bay on a cool evening, or watching the sun play on the water as windsurfers skip across the whitecaps, or just staring down into the beautiful foamy head of another Irish Coffee--this can mean only one thing: a trip to San Francisco to save our livers!


  1. That's awesome! Good thing to know, for sure. I'd say I'm starting to verge on "heavy drinker" these days (why is wine so damn good?!?) so now they just need to come up with a wine/coffee combo that doesn't taste like vomit! Or....maybe I can just drink both separately. Yeah, maybe that's a better idea.

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    MMMM this seems to border on the Mo boys failed experiment of a trashcan full of Gatorade to stave off the dehydration and the several gallons of vodka added to it. Our science told ud we still felt like crap the next day. NPR needs to get all the facts.

    TCB on MSNBC!!!!

  3. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Oh man, bad timing! I just quit coffee a month ago because I figured that with the 6 Diet Cokes I drink every day, my caffeine levels were bordering on the absurd. Maybe I should consider getting back on the coffee bandwagon.

    You know. Just to protect my liver and all.