Thursday, June 15, 2006

What else are you going to do? Work?

Who works anymore?

Really, you do?

So, reading blogs falls under "Other duties as assigned." in your job description, then?

Well, as part of your "work," you really should check out Brother #2's blog, which features the best Coke/Mentos video.

"Video" doesn't really do it justice, unless it's being used in the "music video" sense. "Short film" comes close, as does "documentary film, short format" or perhaps "performance art."

But really, stop reading this and go watch it.

Then get back to work.

(And if Blogger allowed us to assign categories, I'd have to file this under "Tricks That 3B Will Never Learn," with a possible cross-listing under "Why 3B Has Never Met Uncle Brother #2.")

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