Monday, July 17, 2006

And on the seventh day. . .

. . .we went for a walk.

It was quite a pleasant little stroll, right up until my hair burst into flames because it was so hot.

OK, so I'm lying about my hair bursting into flames. It's too humid for anything to burst into flames. Being outside generally feels like walking around inside a marathon runner's shoe, if that gives you any idea of just how pleasant it is here.

Barky was happy to be out and wasn't even too hot for the first part of the walk, perhaps because he was still damp from his bath. Taking him on the walk was my way of making up for giving him the bath. He hates water, especially the bath.

Which is what makes this walk so remarkable. We walked around the lake, then past the bridge and stream because I know that he normally wouldn't even take a drink if we went down through the treacherous vine-covered boulder field to the banks. And he certainly wouldn't cool off by wading in the water.

How wrong I was.

After we went by, he kept keening and looking back, so I turned around, figuring that maybe he smelled the water. As soon as I turned, he sprinted past me, over the bridge. As soon as we were over the bridge, he headed down to the stream.

Not only did he take a drink, he went for a stroll up the stream, exploring both banks, with me wading behind. Good thing I wore my sandals, eh? The water wasn't all that cold, but it was still refreshing for both of us.

On the way back home from the stream, however, we both started to heat up again, so we stopped in at Cameron Perks, our favorite local coffee shop. OK, our only local coffee shop, but still. . .they gave me a pitcher of fresh ice water to refill the bowl they keep out for dogs. See why they're our favorites?

I also got him a treat and myself an iced coffee. We sat there about as long as we could without our eyeballs melting, then headed home. Even with the wading and the break for refreshments, we were both exhausted by the time we got home. Even this morning, Barky was still pretty sluggish, although not too tired to sprint after some squirrels.


  1. Wow, I'm really surprised he went in, too! I remember when it was raining when I dogsat him; he wouldn't go out even if his bladder was about to rupture!

  2. Maybe Barky just knows that little kids love water, so 3B is gonna want a lot of stream action, and if Barky's going to get any love he better join in.

    Or maybe it was just freaking hot.

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    That's why I love beagles. So unpredictable :-)

    Sounds like some good bonding time before 3B comes. Even though it's hotter than a mo'fo, it still sounds like a good time. But I'm sitting here in the a/c so what do I know. . . .