Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's spend the night together. . .or at least in the same hospital room

Note: I attempted to post this last night, but Blogger's moblogging function didn't post it. So here it is, a little late.

This lovely bed, if I can call it that, is where I'll be spending the night tonight, rather than in our luxurious pillowtop with Mama and her Berlin Wall of pillows. Mama will be in the same room, although she'll be without her wall of pillows. In exchange, she gets to find the most comfortable position she can in the hospital bed.

Yes, we're in the hospital.

No, Mama's not in labor.

Why are we here then? Just for the food? No. Actually, Mama, who is working from home these days, headed out from home this evening with Barky to pick me up at work. After pulling away from home, she stopped at the traffic signal around the corner and waited for a green light.

When the light turned green, she pulled out to cross the street with Barky slumbering in the back seat next to our empty car seat--we're acclimating him to riding with the car seat. Unfortunately, a man traveling down the street she was crossing accelerated to race through his now red light and crashed into our little manzanita (what we call our little red Toyota--now our ex-little red Toyota).

Fortunately, Mama had just started out slowly, and he ended up hitting just the front left quarter panel, not her door. Thank goodness she didn't pull out any faster. Of course, he hit it so hard that he crumpled the quarter panel and hood and knocked the engine and bumper across the car. In fact, he was going so fast that he couldn't stop until he was at the bottom of the hill, at the next traffic light. Mama was sure he was fleeing, and that was the last that she'd see of him.

He did stop, however. He did return. He did have insurance.

And Mama, 3B, and Barky were all fine. By the time I got there, a wrecker was waiting to tow our car away, a policeman was taking a report from all of the witnesses, and Mama and Barky were in the back of the ambulance. And, yes, Barky was spread out on the soft bed (read: gurney, but any port in a storm for our mutt), while Mama was perched on the side bench next to a paramedic. What a relief to see her. I think that I didn't really breathe the whole way over from work until I saw her.

As a precaution, they brought Mama in the ambulance to stay here at the hospital overnight for observation, but everything has been OK so far. The ultrasound showed that the placenta is still attached and that 3B is healthy and ready to come out. The ultrasound tech even said that he has chubby legs. He was sleeping at the time with his hands in front of his face, but we did get a glimpse of his cute little upturned nose and pudgy cheeks. How cute is all of that? Supercute, that's how cute.

There was also a small chance that this would send Mama into labor, but that doesn't appear to be happening. So this is just a dry run for the trip we will soon make back here under better circumstances--and in a new car, I suppose. And during this time we've learned important information about the hospital that wasn't covered on our tour, like where to get pizza at 10:30 at night.

Actually, other than that, it's been as they said it would be, and Mama is slumbering peacefully now, having gone to sleep to the sound of 3B's heartbeat on the monitor. I'm about to join her on what looks to be a marginally more comfortable contraption than some we saw in the torture chambers in The Hague, grateful for so many blessings--no, I'm not talking about the late-night pizza, I mean blessings like

  • my coworkers who raced me to the scene of the accident to see Mama before the ambulance brought her here
  • Liberal Banana who is looking after Barky, who is understandably traumatized by the accident too...he understands less about it than we do, and I couldn't spend much time at home comforting him before I had to come here, and most of that was spent on the phone to family, insurance agents, Peapod (we had a grocery delivery tonight, of course), and so forth
  • the nurses and doctors here who treat us as if we're visiting their home rather than recovering from a shock, which has helped us calm down
  • our families, of course, who helped spread the word to save us the work, and who called to talk, comforting and distracting us when we needed it
  • and even Barky, who didn't really freak out until Mama was safely on her way here, and he and I were back home
If nothing changes in the next few hours, we'll head home in the morning, go pick up our rental car, do a little car shopping, and wait to come back here under better circumstances.

UPDATE: It's 10:15 a.m., Friday, July 7 now. We're home, having been discharged an hour or so ago. Coworkers dropped us off at the car rental agency, where we picked up the car and some donuts and coffee. Mama is fine, except some soreness in her neck and shoulders and a little bump on the side of her head. Barky was slumbering when we got home, having enjoyed a night of being spoiled at Auntie Banana's place, although he had the good manners to act as if he'd been up all night, worried about us.

Our insurance company is already on the case, although it may take a few weeks to get everything finalized, so while we'll do some car shopping today, we may well bring 3B home in the rental car. Other than the car shopping, I think that we'll likely spend the weekend trying to relax and understand what all we have to do now, on top of having a baby in the next two weeks.

Of course, we'll post updates on Mama, 3B, and the car as we have them. In the meantime, head on over and thank Liberal Banana for all of her help when we needed it most.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Thank the stars and the heavens that Mama's alright! Wow, what a scare that must have been for all of you. I'm freaking out just reading about it. If there's anything I can do, let me know. I'm just glad everyone's ok.

    As for Auntie Banana? Well, as they say in the South, she's good peeps! Lucky to have such a great friend and neighbor.

    All the best to you, Mama, 3B and Barky!

  2. Nice going. Now Barky will think car crashes are where babies come from. (Or maybe he'll think 3B was a freebie from the rental company, like a GPS or a convertible top.)

    Glad to hear you're all home and well!

  3. Anonymous11:32 AM

    OMG I was freaking out. You need to cut to the chase in the beginning of a post like that, and THEN go into the details. Sheesh. My heart can't take it!

    I am SO GLAD everyone is alright. Whew. I hope Mama's shoulder soreness goes away in time for labor, as that should be the last thing she needs to worry about.

    Plus I'm totally impressed you're practicing driving Barky around with the carseat. You guys are good pet owners.

  4. Anonymous12:42 PM

    TCB baby TCB, Glad all is OK. After the news yours is the first thing I check in the morning if I can.Now swing a little closer to my side of the fence and get a freakin SUV. I think lesser(sp) ladies would have freaked but Jess shined by giving Barky the bed and the morphine. MMMMMMMM Morphine...... Well gotta go eat and take some pills. Red ones today I think.

    TCB on Mamma and U and boot to the azz of red light runners.

  5. Wow, so glad Mama is allright! That SAME exact accident scenario just happened to my sister a few weeks ago. I CURSE red light runners, and am also now super paranoid when entering any intersection...scary stuff.

  6. Wow, scary stuff. Good to know she (and Barky) are fine. As for the chair/bed... it actually looks pretty comfortable. I'd request that for labor day for when you are tired from all the pushing. (OK, maybe I wouldn't phrase it quite that way though.)

  7. we're thinking of you guys! hugs and kisses to mama!

  8. Whew. Glad to hear all is well. And who knows -- maybe this'll give the little tyke the courage to finally make his grand entrance! My little bro was born 2 days after the Loma Prieta quake in '89, so you never know... :)

  9. Bad red light runner, no biscuit.

    I'm relieved to hear all is well. What a scary thing. Crisis times are when the true friends come out of the woodwork...Banana rocks.

  10. de-lurking to say:

    scary, scary, scary

    SO glad everyone's alright

  11. VERY glad to hear that everything is okay. My heart and stomach were doing some sort of stress induced gymnastics reading your post.

  12. OMG. How very scary. YIKES.

    I am so glad your mama and fur baby and 3B are okay.


  13. Man, that is just about my worst nightmare you guys have been through there...

    I'm just so pleased it's all okay. Fingers crossed for the real thing any day now!