Sunday, July 02, 2006

Liberal Banana says, "Let zem eet ze cake!"

On Friday night, Liberal Banana and Boyfriend came over for dinner, and they came bearing this beautiful and overflowing gift basket for 3B and us. Everything in there was just perfect, including lots of lovely pampering treats for Mama that she already used in her bath this afternoon.

Although we live down the hall from LB, it's the first time that we've had them over. We don't have an excuse for such a lapse in hospitality, except that we didn't have a safe floor or kitchen until about a month ago. Now that we can cook without the risk of our greasy wallpaper bursting into flames, we're a little more open to having company at meals.

The new kitchen performed well in its first command performance--no wallpaper fires--although the work of the chef left a little to be desired. The best food of the night was the flourless lemon cake that Liberal Banana made and served with ice cream. Mmm. Cake.
Delicious cake. If Mama and I weren't married to each other, we both might have proposed to LB on the spot.

I had grand plans for starting with a lovely bruschetta topped with chevre and tapenade, which came somewhat close. This was to be followed by a delicious salad, which sort of devolved into greens on a plate. Then there was the paella, which you see here after we were done with it, but the presentation isn't much different than when I brought it to the table
Yeah, I need to work on my presentation a bit. At least the sangria came out right, although I still hadn't prepared it when LB and BF arrived. As a matter of fact, when they did, I was still chopping, cubing, and slicing up the veggies for the paella while Mama was out getting the baguette that I had forgotten for the bruschetta. Then again, given my poor planning, it's a little surprising that we had anything to eat at all.

I did eventually get some food out of the kitchen and onto the table, and I got some sangria into our glasses--tangerine soda for Mama. I was a little disappointed with my cooking, but I always am. The paella could have used another five minutes or so, but I had starved everyone for long enough, and the baby artichokes. . .well, they're my nemesis in this recipe. I trim them, I cut them in half, I blanch them, and still they're too tough. I think that I'm not cutting the leaves down low enough.

And when that was all over, there was still sangria to drink and cake to eat and stories to tell. Mama told some:
Boyfriend told a few tales as well:
Meanwhile, LB tried to find a suitable name for 3B in what might be the worst baby name book ever printed--Mama and I believe that the writing process involved drinking games followed by rounds of dictionary darts:
Oh, did I forget to mention Barky's shameless behavior? You'd think that the mutt had never met Mama or me, and that LB and BF were his long-lost siblings, who came bearing bones, filet mignon, and ice cream cones for him. All night long he was snuffling around their feet, nudging their hands with his icy snout to have them pet him, and draping himself across their laps on the couch.

I think that he cried himself to sleep after they left.

We were sad to see them go as well, but we'll be glad when they come back, this time to have dinner with the three of us and 3B, who should be here any day now. LB and BF are as funny, kind, witty, wise, and fascinating as you would expect. Mama and I only wish that we had done this sooner.

Next time, I'll try to plan a little better.

Who am I kidding? We'll have our first kid to juggle along with the menu. I'll be lucky to get everyone Cheerios, milk, and a sippy cup of water.


  1. Mama looks great, and has wisely appropriated the comfy chair. That could be her home for the next few months...I cried when we couldn't bring our old recliner to NY.

    Closet door are in order though you will probably find some time in the next 6 months to put them in. If that were our house...well let's just say the authorities and a hazmat crew would need to be called.

  2. Hey, thanks for the lovely write-up on our evening together! We had a great time, too! The food was delicious - you're much too hard on yourself. I'm sorry we stayed so late into the evening, I had no idea that it had gotten to midnight already!!! You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! Next time? My house. If you can manage to lug 3B and his stuff down the hall, of course... :)

  3. I like Jermajesty. It's a GREAT name.

  4. Anonymous2:57 PM

    I love the fact that you and Banana are friends in real life. Almost makes me wish I still lived in the DC area.