Saturday, August 26, 2006

What about Mama?

MetroDad recently posed an interesting series of questions for bloggers about their spouses. I thought that I'd take a whack at them not only to answer his questions, but to perhaps answer some of my own questions about just what the hell I'm doing here.

Why is it rare that so few bloggers seem to write about their spouses?
OK, sometimes I can't stop the editor in me, so apologies for starting off by picking nits, but what I believe MD meant to ask is "Why is it that bloggers rarely write about their spouses?" or "Why is it that so few bloggers write about their spouses?" Since I can't speak for the other bloggers, I'll attempt to answer the former of these two options.

I rarely write about Mama primarily because I chose to write a blog and expose myself, however tentatively, to the world. She did not. While she is fascinating, funny, brilliant, compassionate, and beautiful, and while I would like to share all of that with all of you, it's not my place to do so. If she wants to do that, I would welcome it. In fact, ever since 3B's birth, I've been encouraging her, with assistance from Zygote Daddy, to write a post telling her side of the birth story. No luck yet, but I'm not giving up either. So, it's not that I don't want y'all to know about her, it's that I want to let her tell her own story, if she so desires.

Are some of your spouses even aware that you have a blog?
Yes. Oh yes, Mama knows. I often have to go out to the living room to write so she can get some sleep . . . or I did before 3B came along, back when I could stay up all night writing and still somehow stumble through the next day.

Do your spouses know about the blogs that you visit regularly?
Before 3B was born, back when I had spare time, I would often start sentences with, "So, I was reading this blog. . ." Yeah. She knows. I wouldn't say that she knows about all of them, just because I'm afraid of boring her with what may only be fascinating to me, but it's not like I keep them from her. As a matter of fact, she can cruise on over to my Bloglines account any time she likes on either of our computers to see what I read.

Do they know about your blog friends or do you keep it a secret?
Yes. She knows. Again, back when I had spare time, the other half of my sentences would start with, "So, I just got a comment/e-mail/reply from this other blogger, you know, the one who blah, blah, blah . . ." Judging from the relationships between other bloggers through comments and posts about one another, I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only blogger who has found good peeps who are witty, intelligent, helpful, and full of good advice through blogging. I have no idea why I would keep that a secret from Mama. I love to share good things with her, and my blog friends are a good thing.

Do they know that some of these blogs are written by members of the opposite sex?
Well, it wasn't a total shock to her that Liberal Banana is a woman, since she and BF came over for dinner, so yes, she knows. I trust that Mama's not threatened by them or any other women whose writing I may read or who I may converse with, because Mama will always be the most beautiful person to me. However, mostly because I can't stop myself from exclaiming it, but also because I'm prone to bouts of deep insecurity myself and never want to be the cause of them in others, I remind Mama every day that she is and always will be the most beautiful person.

Would they care at all about it if they did know?
She knows, and she doesn't care, although she sometimes wishes that I would come to bed earlier--mostly so I'm not such a cranky dope the next morning.


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    LOL My hubs knows to... "the man" even gave me a quote for the end of my blog.. im doing a couple post this week dedicated to us meeting and what a wonderful man he is:)... it's going to be our four year anniversry this year so it seemed appropriate.... He asks me questions sometimes like whats that but for the most part he lets me rambel when im talking bout this or that;)

  2. Huh. I never even considered that d.w. might not want me to post embarrassing anecdotes and half-naked pictures of her on my blog. Actually, that's only kind of true. She often says, "I can't believe you said that about me!", and I guess I just don't care because it's too damn funny...

    I am a bad, bad person.