Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hump day quickies

A few quickies to bring everyone up-to-date in a busy week . . .

Roll Over. Sit. Stay. Poop.
Yesterday, 3B rolled over for the first time. Woo hoo, right? Well, although he's been working on his rolling skills for a week or so now, it was pretty much an accident caused by pooping. I was in the shower, so I wasn't there to see it, but Mama said that he got himself all curled over with the effort of pooping, then flailed just right and ended up on his stomach.

I suppose that I should have written an excited post about it yesterday, or even a letter to a future 3B about it, but things have been sorta' frantic around here this week, and it was more a fluke than an intentional move, although rolling over is a development that we're looking forward to.

My coworker warned me about wishing for him to roll over, saying that after he does, he'll soon be crawling, then we'll have to watch him like hawks, and so on. I know, I know, but he also sleeps much better on his stomach, which, for his safety, we only let him do when he's lying on one of us. If he can flip himself onto his stomach, he'll be much happier and sleep longer, which means we'll be much happier and sleep much longer too.

The Banana is Back!
Actually, she never left our lives, since she lives down the hall, but the other day, when Barky and I came back in from our early morning walk, the door opened on our floor and Barky's favorite person was standing there: Auntie Banana.

She was headed out to work, but she stopped to pet the little mutt, nonetheless. As soon as she got in the elevator and the doors closed, Barky started whimpering and shot off toward her door, which is in the opposite direction from ours. Even after I got him turned around and headed home, he spent all his time looking for her. Of course he did--Auntie Banana loves him and spoils him more than we do, I think. Whoever said that dogs are loyal was right. Whoever said that they're loyal to their owners was an idiot.

Back in Black
Speaking of morning walks, a short observation: At 6:30 a.m., Barky and I no longer go on morning walks. We go on late nighttime walks. When the stars are clear in the sky, which is pitch black, it is not morning, we are not strolling through the dawn's early light--it is night, and it is cold. Almost freezing, actually. I might as well take him out at 1 a.m.

Of course, by the time I get home, the sun is setting again, so unless I walk outside for lunch, I'm essentially a vampire until the winter solstice, when days mercifully start gettng longer again. I have the pallor for it, but the problem with the vampire months is that I love the sun to the point that it becomes a distraction to me when it's never visible. "A distraction to me" being a euphemism for "Papa gets cranky." Keep Mama in your thoughts and prayers until, say, springtime.

Warming Up for Winter
At least this winter we won't get icy winds slicing through our living room through the cracks in the seals around our sliding glass doors, because our building is putting in new windows and balcony doors in all the units. This has been the source of much grief for me, as a building board member, but I think that most people in the building are generally happier with the new windows, which are double-paned and argon-filled, than they were with the old, leaky, single-paned windows and doors. This should also keep water from pouring through our living room ceiling from the unit above because her terrace doors were engineered to prevent just that. In addition, when spring and fall roll around, we'll now be able to open our one window that is opposite the rest of our windows, creating a cross breeze through our place, which will be a pleasant change.

For all of the glass to be changed out, however, we've had to clear our balcony and clear everything inside at least three feet away from every window. We've used it as motivation to clean up the place, so it's been a good thing, but it's also been a lot of work, which Mama has somehow gotten done while taking care of 3B and Barky and cooking and baking for the lot of us. I swear that she uses magic to do this. Also, while they're replacing our windows and sliding door, none of us can be in the place. So Mama is shipping out to her friend's house tonight, and I dropped off Barky at daycare, which also provides boarding, where he'll be until tomorrow night. He'll be happy to see us when we pick him up, but much more sad to leave his friends. I'm telling you, he's loyal--just not to us. All that leaves me . . . lonely.

Sure, it could be my chance to go next door and watch the World Series with our neighbor, who's the only other sane person in the building besides Liberal Banana, but I'd keep feeling naked somehow, without my family around. Doesn't 3B need a diaper change? To be rocked? Read to? Put in his bouncy seat? Doesn't Mama need a hand in the kitchen? Help with the computer? A kiss? And who's going to give Barky the skritch behind the ears or the belly rub that he needs?

No? Nothing? Is it really possible that I can just lay down and sleep then? No, not really, but soon they'll come back to a warm house, one that will become a home with their arrival. Then, with all of the commotion, I'll at least be able to relax.


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Can I just embarass myself and say that I registered 3B rolling over as Barkey and just couldn't understand what the big deal was. "He's a dog, he rolls over. Congrats." And the whole curling up to poop thing I had a hard time imagining. But then! The lightbulb went off and I now understand the situation.

    So, long story short, congrats on the rolling over :-)

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Congrats on the rollover, Papa B. Watch out. From here on in, all those physical milestones will be happening very quickly. Exciting times.

    Hope you slept ok!

  3. OMGSH - you LINKED me!

    And I TOTALLY, TOTALLY missed it.

    Thanks, btw.