Saturday, October 21, 2006

The perfect gift...

..for the person who has everything. Or, for the person who wants to torment their kid by making their bowl suddenly and seemingly randomly vibrate from across the room.

Actually, it's for reptiles who, like our turtle, The Rock, prefer their food to be alive and kicking. And yes, even at his age, he's plenty fast enough to catch crickets on the run. This is one way of faking him out, I suppose, although he's deigned to dine on freeze-dried crickets, having given up hope of getting the real deal from us. He will be getting live ones again soon enough, however, since I snapped this shot while we were at PetSmart, buying him a sporty, smaller playpen for being inside in the winter--no, we don't hibernate him. Rock's current crib takes up a full corner of the room, which we don't have to spare, with the 17 bouncy seats, 11 play mats, and a playpen or crib--or three--in every room. Plus, it's going to be easier to keep clean, which is key, since we don't want 3B getting salmonella or any other nasty that turtles are known to carry.

Then again, would a turtle really like to sit in a vibrating dish while eating? I mean, would you want to sit on a vibrating...OK, forget I asked. I really don't want to know. Maybe we weren't in a PetSmart after all, although they did have collars, harnesses, and vinyl toys.

OK, OK, I'm stopping. This is a family blog, after all. Right?


  1. I'll have to defer to your knowledge here in the reptile area.

    Why would a lizard or turtle want a vibrating bowl? Perhaps someone's native terrain includes active volcanos?

    I notice the bowl is "remote controlled", implying you only turn it on for short times. So I imagine Papa B., dumping a bunch of freeze-dried crickets in there, waiting for The Rock to amble over, and when the turtle sticks his nose in for a sniff, blam! the whole things moves on him. He retracts into his shell for a good 10 minutes, all the while Papa B. is hunched over the remote, waiting for his next chance to zing him.

    OK, I know you love your turtle. But I'm not getting this product!

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Such lovely animal owners you are. Making the sacrifice to provide vibrating goods.

    Or. . .whatever.