Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pimp My BOB

Many thanks to 3B's great-aunt, who gave him this sweet ride. It arrived just in time for our journey to a sincere pumpkin patch tomorrow to find 3B's first pumpkin, which we're planning to follow up with a quick walk in the woods with Barky. It will be a good test of my stroller assembly capabilities.

To my credit, Mama did have it out for a two-hour test drive today--while Barky and I napped, either to recover from the week or knocked out, loaded on caulking fumes from our new windows and balcony door--and the wheels didn't seem to come off.


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    That is some super-sweet stroller action. All the other babies will be sooo jealous.

    Have fun punkin' picking!

  2. I couldn't see how you could look cooler... unless it had WIFI or a place for your Ipod.

    Happy 1st Pumpkin picking 3B.

  3. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Ooh, a wifi stroller...such possibilities. Not sure what those possibilities are exactly, but still. Possibilities.