Friday, November 24, 2006

3B's first Thanksgiving

My guess is that 3B was thankful that his parents weren't all up in his grill with their camera all day long. To ensure that we wouldn't have time to be fluttering shutterbugs, he kept us busy by puking or pooping his way through at least three complete outfits between noon and dinner time.

I'm sure that he was also thankful for all of his cousins, who took better care of him than we ever have, giving him all kinds of love and all kinds of lessons in DVD players, GameBoys, and IMing, to give him a good technological head start on his parents. Mama and I owe them all a huge thank you for making his visit so much fun and for making our vacation so much more relaxing.

For that, we're thankful to 3B's cousins. For all the pictures that he took of 3B while we were cleaning up after 3B, we're thankful to Brother #2. Head on over to his blog to take a gander at how 3B's first Thanksgiving (and the days before that) looked.

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  1. the cousins!

    the cousins look a lot like my cousins!

    (how does that work?)

  2. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Cousins and babies are the best. You won't see the kid 'till it's time to leave. Chloe, who is now 16, always took care of the 6 year old twin cousins every holiday when they were little. It was amazing. Oh the fun! Oh the joy!

    Great pics :-)

    He's so stinking cute.