Saturday, November 11, 2006

Brothers in letters

A little housekeeping is way overdue here at the Bradstein Household blog (and in our actual household, although Mama did vacuum, brush Barky, clean the bathroom and kitchen, and run 68 loads of laundry, but that's another issue).

It dates back to 3B's birthday, when I pecked out a few hurried posts along the way as we went from contractions to labor to delivery and on into shameless cooing, ogling, and bragging. Unbeknownst to us, being a bit distracted at the time, there were those among you loyal six readers who spread the news farther and wider than we could imagine by posting updates, announcements, and congratulations to your readers.

In fact, because we've been a bit too busy to read all the blog posts that we missed around the time of 3B's birthday, that was unbeknownst to us until a little while ago, when I was signing up for Technorati (I know . . . welcome to the 20th century, Papa), and I found some of these posts.

First, I want to say that we're touched by your supportive words. Second, I want to offer my apologies for not reading more closely and finding these earlier. Third, let me offer a few explanations to my cousin, who I'm sure we disappointed by not posting more frequently. It wasn't for lack of trying, it was for lack of a steady cell signal at most times that we wanted to post, and for lack of Blogger working at the other times.

He wrote that he was in front of his computer, refreshing frequently to find out when the baby was born, but I can't imagine that's entirely true, he's far too busy with scout troops, fishing boats, and programming for that.

We've become much busier ourselves since 3B's arrival, which is perhaps why I didn't notice these posts until recently. In spite of that, I find myself checking a few blogs here in the U.S. and abroad regularly for updates so I don't miss the transition from expectant parent to parent, as I recently did while we were in California, when a particular sprog arrived a bit early.

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  1. babies EVERYWHERE!

    (It's not a bad thing.)