Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A full night's sleep in 20 minutes

I’ve spent the day engrossed in such fascinating topics as DAM, CMS, and DRM. While I’m sure that most of what I heard would put most of you to sleep, it was fascinating and engaged me for several hours. None of it was nearly as rewarding as what happened on my lunch break, however.

After collecting my generic grilled vegetable wrap lunch, I headed up to our room to see if 3B, Mama, and Mama’s mom were still around. It’s a gray day here in Boston, which made me think that maybe they’d be in the room rather than out running around. That’s in part because while 3B’s cold cleared up a bit during the day yesterday—seems that he got more rest on the car ride than his squawking marathon led us to believe—his nose was pretty congested last night and this morning.

Sure enough, the little sniffler was there with his Mama and Grammy. He was sporting one of the cute new outfits that his Grammy brought for him, laughing up a storm, practicing standing, and generally enjoying hanging out with the big kids—which, of course, means staying up all day, without naps. So 3B was a little punchy, and Mama and Grammy were a little hungry, so I bundled him up in a blanket and sung "Forever Young" while I swayed him to sleep as they headed down to grab a bite.

Once 3B was asleep, I lay down with him on my chest, and finished up the final 30 or so pages of St. Albans Fire. Those 20 minutes or so, with 3B slumbering peacefully, head tucked against my neck, arms draped across my chest, with hands loosely curled in the folds of my sweater, were the most rewarding moments of my day by far. When I slid him into Mama’s arms and got up to return to the conference, I was more relaxed, happier, and thinking more clearly than after a full night of sleep.

Or at least how I remember feeling after a full night of sleep.

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  1. Nice. Rebecca recently started throwing her arms around my neck to give hugs...I'm in heaven.