Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hump Day Quickies

A 404 is slower than the 405
This is one of the reasons I switched to the new Blogger Beta this week, which unfortunately means that I can't comment on Blogger blogs that haven't switched to the Beta version (although they say that capability is coming real soon):

Lettuce Entertain You
All the world is a stage, as a few someones have observed. This is most true for The Rock since we got him his shiny new winter palace, which features an elevated stage (although it lacks a rotating turntable, like the Circle Star had):

OK, it's not a complete winter palace, but we also didn't have to get our mug shots taken to buy it, so I figure that we've come out ahead. It is smaller than his summer mansion, which we keep on the balcony and which we used to bring inside in the winter. But we don't have room for the summer manse inside anymore, however, with the 63 bouncy seats, exercise mats, and swings that we have scattered throughout the house. Although it lacks a heated driveway, the winter palace is a split-level. So far, The Rock has set up the top level for dining and the bottom as his bedroom with a built in swimming pool. We're still working on the shag carpeting.

Rapacious Vultures
Speaking of carpeting, here's another business that is set up to prey on survivors of the recently deceased. Unlike the source of the previous solicitation, they do offer an opt-out clause and this does seem to be a legitimate business with accoutrements like a proofreader, an office, and a website. But just because they are legitimate doesn't mean that I don't consider them to be rapacious vultures, and just because they have a small website doesn't mean that they're not a big enough target for some Google carpetbombing.

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  1. Ah, Blogger Beta, that's why I seem to have lost my loyal 2-3 readers!

  2. PS: can't you post as "Anonymous" and then identify yourself in the text?