Saturday, November 25, 2006

I can't help it if I'm lucky

We're winging home today, so I thought that I'd share this video that I shot on the plane on our way out to California. It's not really fair to the other parents who were on our flight on the way out that 3B was on the same flight. His calm demeanor through the entire six-hour flight made it seem as though they were doing something wrong for having a baby that cried occasionally, which isn't the case. And while it may have made us look like good parents, let me be the first to say that we have had nothing to do with the ease with which he flies. He just came that way.

If we could control how much he cries in a particular mode of transport, we wouldn't be so terrified of our upcoming drive to Boston, which will be fun if he treats it like another plane ride. However, if he treats it like another car ride, it will be like eight hours in the Psycho shower scene, and it will be one car trip that Barky will be glad he passed on to chill on his Auntie Banana's couch.

The nice grandmotherly woman who sat behind us knew what the deal was. As we were getting off the plane, she said, "What a nice baby--so pleasant. You're so lucky."

Let's just hope that our luck holds.

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  1. Now that is a great kid!

  2. If 3B decides to make up for lost freakout time, stop by on your way to Boston!

  3. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Can he sit next to me on any plane trip I take from now on? Would sure beat reading magazines that's for sure.