Thursday, December 07, 2006

Barky Is a Calendar Cover Boy

We got a few early Christmakwanzukkah gifts here in Casa Bradstein. 3B cut his first tooth last week (bottom left-center for those of you keeping score at home); it came through on Thursday and more of it has been emerging ever since. Mama got a long visit with her mom while I was attending my geekfest conference in Boston, and I got a cold that's left me feeling like someone jammed sweaty jockstraps into my sinus cavities, then hung me upside down and beat me with telephone books.

Yes, I finally went to the doctor yesterday, after spending most of the last five days either passed out, whining about the joint aches and the headaches, or spitting quivering pats of lung butter into the sink. She said I was infected in at least one place and gave me some antibiotics, so health is on the march in my body. Somewhere. I'm still pretty wiped and highly infectious, so I'm staying home through the end of this week, which should give you an idea of how bad it was--I've been home all week and not one blog post. Not even a narcissistic plea for pity.

But, although it appears otherwise, this post isn't all about me. This post is all about Barky, the calendar cover boy--that's him in the 7:
Barky is enjoying his first modeling success for two reasons: he believes in supporting a good cause, and his cyberaunt dared him to. Oh, that and because he's the cutest dog in blogville, of course. Barky believes deeply in this particular good cause, being an adult rescue dog himself.

Before we got him, he was in the pound in Pennsylvania for six months. They were going to put him down, but called BREW as a last resort. They took him in, of course, and he was with a foster family for several months before he found us at an adoption day in Baltimore. He was so cute on that first day that he just stole our hearts. We can't imagine how anyone would let him get away, but we're so glad that he did find us and that we could give him a new home--especially one full of brownies, cookies, and trash cans.

We had certainly thought about getting a puppy, but we're so glad that we got a full grown dog; he came fully equipped--er, sort of: he'd been neutered, he was housetrained, he was quiet, and he rode well in cars. OK, so walking him on a leash was like walking the stripe on Charlie Brown's shirt, but he's a hound--that comes with the dinner.

So all of us here in Casa Bradstein encourage you to help out a worthy cause this holiday season by giving great holiday gifts to everyone you know. And let whoever you give them to know that Mr. November says thanks.

(See Barky in all his splendor.)

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  1. We remember when we babysat him that first weekend you guys got him -- Nelson had fun sharing his toys and beds! Farley has come along way since then, but still sweet as ever!

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    So glad you're feeling better!

    Thanks for the sweet plugs. I knew Barky couldn't back down from a dare, and I'm so glad!

    Between the calendar and him being on the bag of dog treats, just don't let it go to his head:-)