Sunday, December 31, 2006

Catching up on Christmas, what Princess Leia did with a wookie, a new blog, and some new pictures

Disclaimer: I wrote this before Mama and 3B returned--safely yesterday, both with snotty colds, thank you very much--but somehow missed posting it. That explains some of the slightly dated references. While they snort their way through snuffly slumber, Barky and I are out here in the living room, doing laundry and sneaking in a little blogging to catch you up on some of our Christmas trip, during which I was the snotting, snorting, snuffling one.

3B makes crepes at MLTU's house!

Sitting here in NoVa with Barky--who's on the bed, licking himself in the midst of our down comforter, if you must know--while Mama and 3B are still up on the farm has me missing them and the Christmas spirit a little bit. I'm trying to help myself out by eating some comfort food--ramen noodles with some homemade spicy peanut sauce--and catching up on what I missed while living outside the online world for a week on the farm.

Turns out I missed some fine Christmas treats, including a Hasslehoff-as-peeping-tom Christmas greeting and a Run DMC encounter with Santa (let's hear it for the old school), but there's one that I'm glad I missed because it would have ruined my Christmas. In fact, this thing may ruin next year's Christmas, even if I never watch it again. This thing is so bad that it stinks upwind. Let's all pray for Princess Leia--er--Carrie Fisher that she was so stoned that she doesn't remember doing this with a wookie.

MLTU's parents, who are mildly obsessed with Star Wars, probably already have that entire Christmas special on DVD. Now that I'm again safely trapped in the clutches of the web, I can catch up on MLTU, who is destined to fall in love with Mark Hamill before she's three, through her dad's blog, Tao of FAU. Mama went to school with FAU and MLTU's mom, who recently moved from Park Slope to the Albany area, which means that it's much easier to find parking whenever we visit--yo, they have a driveway and a garage. FAU is funny, opinionated, scotch-loving . . . or is that whiskey? oh, who the hell cares, pour another round . . . and he's a recovering Republican, which means that he can accurately skewer both sides of the aisle effortlessly. But more than all of that, he's a great dad--Joe Bob says check it out.

Despite being offline, Christmas did come this year, and we did catch a few treats from Santa, such as
Why 3B loves Christmas . . .
  • Some great gifts from my siblings, including some posthumous gifts from my mother that Sister #1 and Brother #2 found in the attic at Mom's house. Two were for Mama and two were for me. Mom had told me that she was waiting to buy things for 3B until after she met him, which explains why there were no gifts for him in the attic. She didn't need to buy him anything; her entire life, from her first entries in my baby book to the most recent photos she took of me and Mama, is a gift from Mom to 3B.
We wish all of you a happy new year--see you in 2007!

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  1. aaaAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaagggghhhhh!

    O.K., I've torn my eyes out now. Thank you for posting that link to the Star Wars clip. It was painful having to carve my eyes out with a fork, but it was definitely better than watching Princess Leia singing.

    I'm going to go out on my bicycle now. Not sure how I'll keep from running into things, but I'll manage.

    The tree? Of life? Aaaaaaa . . .

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    That book is on my looooooooooog list of Things To Read So I Get Off The Damn Computer.

    I'll pick it up next. And thanks for the shout out!